Item Management

In Precoro, you can effectively manage your company’s Item list. 


Adjusting Items Basic Settings

To configure the settings, open the ConfigurationBasic Settings → Documents Setup → Item Management tab and select the necessary options:

  • Item Bundles — a feature that allows creating a set of goods to buy as one set regularly.
  • Upload Item Images — allows adding images to the items in PNG or JPEG formats for visualization purposes.
  • Item Description — allows adding a description to the items.
  • Links — allows adding links to various web resources to the items.
  • Enable SKU — this allows entering the SKU numbering for the items to help you accurately track the stock.
  • Allow adding Duplicated Items in Documents — allows adding items with the same values as SKU and Name in a document. If this feature is turned off, you cannot add duplicated items to documents.
  • Save Items from Documents to Catalog — this allows you to add new items directly to the Catalog through the document itself.

After enabling the necessary features, you can manually Add Items to Precoro through the Item Management page:

You can also use the Import Items option to upload them in bulk.

Deleting And Deactivating Items

All users with Suppliers and Items Roles in Precoro can use the delete and deactivate functions.

Please note that items currently used in Inventory cannot be deleted. They can only be deactivated.

Follow this link to find detailed processes for item deletion and deactivation.

Adding Items Custom Fields 

Customize the Items by adding the Items Custom Fields, like Charts of Accounts/Cost Centers, Departments, or Projects. Consider the detailed instructions on the Items Custom Fields functionality following these links:

Adding Items to Documents

In Precoro, you can use three options to add items to a document. These options can be found below the document’s main information and Documents Custom Fields block.

  • Add — manually add the empty item row and enter all the necessary information about the Item.

To be able to use this functionality, please make sure to check the Empty Rows for Items setting that is available for the Purchase Orders, Purchase Requisitions, and Invoices in the Basic Settings  → Configurations → Documents Setup.

  • Import Items — importing Items from an Excel document.

Please read the following instructions to successfully perform this action with different documents: How to Import Items in Bulk.

  • Update Items — updating Items from an Excel document.

Please read the following instructions to successfully perform this action with different documents: How to Update Items in Bulk.

Set Negative Item Value

You can enter negative item values in Purchase OrdersPurchase RequisitionsRequests for Proposals, and Invoice documents.

However, to be able to Confirm the document, please keep in mind that the Total amount of the entire document must remain positive.

All users with the necessary roles to create documents and add items can use this functionality.

When setting a negative value, please note the following:

  • You can add taxes for a negative-value item.
  • You can import and update items by entering negative values in the files.
  • You can view the negative item values in Reports.
  • If you create an Invoice from PO document, make sure the document’s Total is greater than 0. Otherwise, you will not be able to confirm it.

  • You cannot enter negative values in the Credit Note document.

Save Items from Documents to Catalog

This function can offer more automation and efficiency when working with items. You can add new entries to the Catalog directly through documents without having to transfer items manually.

You can add items directly from the following documents:

  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase Requisition
  • Request for Proposal
  • Invoice
  • Expense.

Follow these steps to set up and start using the function:

1. Activate the setting in Basic Settings → Item Management → Save items from documents to Catalog.

2. When adding items using the Empty row functionality, you will see the Add to Catalog checkbox for each Empty row line you create. Check the box if you want to add the item to the Catalog.

3. If you checked the Add to Catalog box, then the item will be automatically saved with the values you have set:

  • Price
  • Currency
  • Items Custom Fields
  • Supplier (this value will be taken from the document).

Additional Functions to Consider

Managing Items with the Help of Groups

If you wish to restrict certain items to particular employee groups, use the Item Group function and read this detailed instruction to set it up.

Category Management

Categorize your item list to simplify the search, create analytics, and make restrictions for certain employee Groups based on categories.

Create a new Category

1. Open the Suppliers and Items → Category Management page.

2. Click on the Add Category.

3. Enter the Name and leave the Active checkbox on.

4. Press the green checkmark on the right.

Add Category to Items

1. Open the Suppliers and Items → Item Management page.

2. Add a new Item and select the necessary Category.

Restrict certain Items to a particular employee Group 

1. On the Item Management page, click on the Edit Item group categories button.

2. Select the Category and Group and press the green Enable button to add the Items from the selected Group into the chosen Category.

Thus, only the employees included in the Group will see these Items. 

Using the Free of Charge function

When adding items, you can apply the Free of charge function, which can be useful in the following situations:

  • Ordering or receiving free samples from the Suppliers or Partners.
  • Custom duties invoices that include a $0 value of service, but there is an amount of tax payable (GST on customs).
  • Packaging that does not need additional payment must still be displayed in the order.

To use this function, activate it by ticking the Free of Charge checkbox:

You can also Approve and Confirm documents with zero total value for the whole document and send them to integrated partners.

This functionality is available for Purchase Orders, Purchase Requisitions, Expenses, Credit Notes, and Invoices.

This feature can be really useful in case your company:

  • Has a prepayment process that needs approval.
  • Orders free samples.
  • Receives additional free items from Suppliers.

To use it, proceed with the following steps:

1. Create the needed document and add items to it.

2. In the items, activate the Free of Charge function.

3. You can proceed to Confirm and Approve the document even if the Total amounts to zero.

Afterward, you can also create related documents as usual.

Please note that in the related Invoice, after the Approval or Confirmation (if your company does not use Approval functionality), the status of such document will be automatically set to Paid. The payment will also be recorded at the time and date of confirmation or approval.