How to Add and Manage Suppliers in Precoro

For any business, the supplier management process helps ensure that maximum value will be received for the money paid to the suppliers. They play a part in the smooth running of an organization, and it is vital for both the Supplier and your business to engage properly and effectively.

That is exactly what Precoro allows you to do. You can create, edit, and manage your suppliers in one place.


How to Add a New Supplier

Provide access to the Suppliers and Items module for the appropriate users. Please note that without access, users will not be able to create new Suppliers or Items in Precoro.

To do that, go to Configuration, open User Management, and choose the users who will be using the module by clicking on Edit.

To give access, tick the Suppliers and Items checkbox and press Update to save the changes.

You can create a New Supplier in Precoro through:

1. The Suppliers and Items section in the left-side menu.

Open the Supplier Management tab and click on the Add Supplier button. Enter the information in the document and click Create to add the new supplier.

2. Immediately in the document.

When creating or editing a document, use the Add New Supplier button in the Supplier field. Enter all the required information and press Yes. The newly created Supplier will be automatically added to the document.

Find useful information on how to work with the Supplier Approval functionality here.

How to Add Payment Details and Terms to a Supplier

On the Suppliers Management page, open the needed Supplier and press the View More button. You will see an extensive list of fields unfold. There you can specify all the necessary Supplier details.

payment details.gif?width=1376&height=646&name=payment details

How to Add Your Payment Terms

To create and add your Payment Terms to Suppliers, follow these detailed instructions.

payment terms-1.gif?width=1376&height=646&name=payment terms-1

How to Specify the Legal Address of a Supplier: 2 Options

Option 1.
You can set the Legal Address of the Supplier by adding appropriate data to each field of the Address block:

By entering data this way, the Supplier's address will be displayed on the printed documents and document pages in standard order line by line:

Option 2. If you want the address displayed in another order, please write it down in the required format in the Legal Address field and leave other fields (City, State/Province, Postal Code, and Country) empty.

Subsequently, it will be displayed the same way on the printed documents and document pages:

Monosnap Untitled document - Google Docs 2023-01-05 09-54-36-png

How to Deactivate/Reactivate a Supplier

To deactivate a Supplier:

1. Open the Suppliers Management page.

2. Select the needed Supplier and click the Edit action.

3. Near the Supplier's Name, deactivate the green switch.

4. Press the Update button below.

When made inactive, the Supplier will be hidden from the general list. To search and reactivate it, you would need to use Filters.

deactivate supplier

To reactivate a Supplier:

1. Open the Suppliers Management page.

2. Press on Show Filters, and in the Active field, choose the No variant.

3. From the list of deactivated Suppliers, select the needed one and click the Edit action.

4. Near Supplier's Name activate the green switch.

5. Press the Update button below.

How to Add Contacts to a Supplier

To add new Contact information:

1. Open the needed Supplier in the Editing mode on the Suppliers Management page.

2. In the Contacts section, fill in the necessary information.

3. Press the Update button below.

You can add as many Contacts as you wish. Press the green plus icon on the right to add a new line.

Monosnap screencast 2023-01-05 09-31-14-gif

How to Attach Files to the Supplier's Card

To add the documents to a Supplier:

1. Open the needed Supplier in the Editing mode on the Suppliers Management page.

2. In the Attachments section, press the Add Attachments button and select the necessary files from your computer to upload in Precoro.

3. Press the Update button below.

Screenshot 2022-12-23 at 10.58.08 AM.png?width=1376&height=668&name=Screenshot 2022-12-23 at 10.58.08 AM

How to Multi-Select Suppliers in Filters

You add as many Suppliers as you need into the filter to get the desired information promptly. 

Find more information on utilizing Precoro filters here.

You can check the necessary Suppliers to add them to filtration on the fast filters panel:

Or you can use the advanced set of filters and check the needed options there:

  • The general filter on the pages of Purchase Order, Invoice, Request for Proposals, Receipt, and Create Receipt documents.

  • The Add Item page in the Purchase Requisition, Request for Proposals, Warehouse Request, and Inventory Consumption documents.

  • The default visual charts on the Purchase Order and Invoice documents.

  • The default reports on Purchase Order Export by Items and Documents, Invoice Export by Items, and Credit Note Export by Items.

  • The custom reports on Purchase Orders, Invoices, Requests for Proposals, Receipts, Credit Notes, and Payments.

How to Set Default Options for Suppliers

In the Supplier card, you can fill in custom default information that will help in standardizing your documentation throughout the system.

Setting the default Taxes

To set the default Taxes, follow the steps below:

1. Open the Supplier Management section, click Add Supplier, or use Edit Action to revise the one you already have.

2. In the Supplier document, scroll down and click the Show default options button. Then, in the Tax options field, select the previously created taxes from the drop-down list.

You can multi-select as many taxes as you want in one Supplier. More on how to work with taxes in Precoro, you can find here.

3. Create a Purchase Order or Invoice document adding the Supplier with set default taxes.

Setting the default Documents/Items Custom Fields

You can set Default Custom Fields directly through the Supplier card, bringing more automation when working with documents. It can help save time and eliminate manual errors when adding new items, working with Afaxys or Amazon integrations, or creating new documents in Precoro.

Users who have Configurations and Supplier Management Roles can use this functionality.

Take a look at the table below that shows which fields are available for specific document types:

Document Types/Custom Fields Purchase Orders Invoices Purchase Requisitions Warehouse Requests
Documents Custom Fields + +
Items Custom Fields + + + +

To appoint the fields, follow these three steps:

1. Make sure the Documents/Items Custom Fields are available in the necessary documents.

More information on working with Items Custom Fields can be found here, and here you can find more insights on working with Documents Custom Fields.

2. In the Supplier card, you can set the default values.

To do that, open the Supplier editing page, press the Show default options button, and enter the needed information into the ICF or DCF.

3. Create a new document, and the default values will be automatically added to it.

Supplier Notifications

In the Email Preferences, you can customize the number of notifications regarding Supplier Approval functionality:

Working with Afaxys and Amazon Integrations

If you use Afaxys or Amazon integrations, the default values you have set for the Supplier will be automatically transferred to the Purchase Orders and Invoices.

If your item already has filled-in values in the Catalog, that information will be displayed in the item despite the default information you have set.