Supplier Approval Functionality


You can build an Approval process for your Suppliers using this functionality.

How to set up Supplier Approval Workflow:

Step 1. Appoint the necessary user roles

Appoint the Roles for the user in the User Management section.

Users with ConfigurationSupplier Approval, and Suppliers and Items Roles can properly work with a new Supplier Approval function.

Step 2. Build a new Supplier Workflow

Open the Approval Workflow → Supplier Approval Workflow. Create new Steps and select the needed Approvers:

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In Basic Settings in the Approval tab, you can enable the Documents Auto-Approval function. If this function is activated for the user, their pending Approval Steps will be authorized automatically.

Step 3. Start Approving the Suppliers

With the Workflow set, you can start Approving new Suppliers.

You can Approve or Reject those Suppliers who were created or imported to Precoro only after you have set the Approval Workflow. 

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The Supplier Statuses PendingApproved, and Rejected will be displayed on:

  • The Supplier Management page:

  • The document creation page:

Monosnap Purchase Order #39 2023-02-02 11-44-47

You cannot see and select the Rejected Supplier on the document creation page.

How to Submit a Request for Creating a New Supplier

Even without Supplier Management Role
, users can submit a request for creating a new Supplier if they have a Create Role activated for that type of document.

This functionality will work for the Purchase Order, Invoice, and Purchase Requisition documents.

To submit a request, follow the steps below:

1. Create a new document.

2. On the Creation page in the Supplier field, click on Add New Supplier button and enter the required information.

3. The Supplier will be immediately added to the document with the Pending status. Then, depending on the Supplier Approval Workflow your company has set, the Supplier will undergo the confirmation process.

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Notification to the Supplier Requester Even Without the Supplier Management Role

After submitting a request for adding new Suppliers, users will receive a notification letter in the inbox after the Supplier has successfully undergone the approval workflow, even if the requester does not have a Supplier Management role.

The letter helps keep the requesters up to date on whether their Suppliers were approved or not. Furthermore, with the notification, they can quickly proceed to the relevant documents in Precoro for further work.


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How to Track Pending Suppliers with Info Cards and Filters

To quickly filter those Suppliers needing your confirmation, you can use a preconfigured Info Card Approve on the Suppliers Management page.

This info card will only be available to users with the Suppliers Approval Role.

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You can also use an advanced set of Filters to get the list of Suppliers with Pending status or to build other data searches.

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To learn more about Filtering in Precoro follow this link.

How the Approval Workflow Works with Integrations

There is a developed integration process for the Supplier Approval Workflow functionality with QuickBooks, NetSuite, and Xero.

Suppliers with Pending and Rejected statuses and documents created with them will not be integrated and mapped.

Only those Suppliers who have undergone the confirmation workflow and have been Approved will be sent for integration along with the documents.

Additionally, the document initiators will receive emails notifying them about documents being sent for integration.