How to Create a Purchase Requisition

A Purchase Requisition is a document submitted by an employee to request the purchase of goods or services on behalf of the company. These purchases may be for business operations, inventory, or to manufacture supplies for sale. Submitting a purchase requisition form sets off the purchasing process.

It is important because the purchase requisition process plays a key role in the buying process of an organization. It ensures that fraud is prevented, and organizations get value for their money. This is possible due to the fact that the request must go through a number of approvals to ensure its accuracy and necessity. 

For more information on Purchase Requisition and its advantages, read this article.


Step 1. Apply the Purchase Requisition Basic Settings

To learn more about enabling the module and providing users with relevant roles, read this article

Step 2. Create a new Purchase Requisition

  1. Open the Purchase Requisition module on the left side menu and click the Create button.
  2. Fill out the necessary information:
  • A Location where your Purchase Requisition should be delivered
  • Desired Delivery Date 
  • Document Custom Fields, if any. For example, the required DCF Departments
  • Items Custom Fields, if any. For example, Supplier.

When editing the document and adding the Supplier with the Draft status, you can either choose the existing Supplier from the drop-down list or create a new one by clicking the Add new supplier button.

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3. Once done, click the Create button.


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Step 3. Add Items to the Purchase Requisition

In Precoro, you can easily add and update items in the PR document:

  • Add Item — choose the previously added items from the Catalog. 

Find more information on how to work with Catalog items here.

  • Add Empty Row — type in the item details manually.

Find more information on how to work with empty rows here.

  • Import Items — download items in bulk from external sources.

Find more information on how to import items in PR via Excel by following this link.

  • Update Items — update items in bulk using an Excel file without manual work.

Find more information on working with Item Update here.

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You can also Revise the document later and add new items to it with Approved Status together with all the items added in the related Purchase Order. 

Please note that the already added to the Purchase Order items will not be available for editing. Also, new items added to the Purchase Requisition will not be transferred to the already existing related Purchase Order.

Quickly Update Prices by Catalog

You can update the current item prices in Purchase Requisition with just one Update prices by catalog button.

To access this function activate the Display prices checkbox in ConfigurationBasic SettingsDocuments SetupPurchase Requisitions.

This function is useful when you need to renew outdated prices in old documents or ensure all prices are current.

To use it, follow these steps:

1. Open the Purchase Requisition document and click the Update prices by Catalog button.

2. Check the new price and choose whether you want to accept the changes or not.

3. After your confirmation, the price will be brought up to date.


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Access Full Information on Purchase Order Items

A requester can get full information on the Purchase Order Items from the Purchase Requisition. To use this function, the Purchase Requisition should have a related Purchase Order.

A requester can get full information on the order and items by clicking the Show Purchase Order button:

You will see the general Order information and complete information on the Items:

Step 4. Enter Additional Information: Notes, Comments, Attachments

  • Add Note — specify additional important information in the document such as delivery time details, etc. Note that these details will be displayed in the printed document version.
  • Add Comment — conduct all communication on the document with the responsible team in one place. 

Tag a user using “@” and type their email address. The tagged person will receive an email notification with your comment in their mailbox and respond to you in the same document.

The information from the Comments field is not printed on the documents and is visible only to the users within your company.

    • Add Attachment — upload images and documents or tables as additional materials. 


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    How to Make the Attachments Required 

    To activate this function, go to Basic SettingsDocuments SetupPurchase Requisition and check the Required File Attachments option. Then, press Save to implement changes.

    When the Required File Attachments option is on, users cannot confirm the PR without uploading any documents. However, in case it is deactivated, users can confirm the document without adding any attachments.

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    Step 5. Downloading the PR

    If you wish to download the created document, use two available Download Options to have it in PDF or XLSX formats. 

    Please note that the download option is available for documents with all statuses, except Draft, Canceled, Pending, and In Revision.