Supplier Custom Fields Functionality

This article will guide you through setting up and using the Supplier Custom Fields functionality to tailor your tasks to the necessary business requirements.


What Are the Supplier Custom Fields

This functionality allows you to assign the Documents Custom Fields to Suppliers, gather the necessary information, and further use the data for analyses.

  • Create new Custom Fields and assign them to Suppliers in their profiles.
  • Manage those fields by activating/deactivating them or making them required to fill out both for the users and Suppliers.
  • Conveniently handle the Custom Field data with the help of Filters and Custom Reports.
  • Display those fields as you need in the Suppliers List, in POs and Invoices, and in printed documents as well.
  • Simplify your process of adding new Supplier as those Custom Fields are available for selection in the Registration Form.

How to Create the Supplier Custom Fields

This functionality is available to all users with Suppliers and Items Role:

To create a new Custom Field, follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Suppliers and Items → Supplier Custom Fields page and click the green Add Field button on the right.

2. Enter the required Name and select the Type. Check the needed Basic Settings for this Custom Filed.

There are three Types of fields available: 
  • Drop-down list — allows users to select the previously added options from the list.
  • Text — allows users to enter text value into the field.
  • Date — allows users to select the date ranges. 
In the Basic Settings options, you can activate:
  • Required to select — makes this field required to fill out for the user in the Supplier profile.

Please note that if you have activated the Required to select setting, then when adding new Suppliers, users will not be able to save their profile without this information.

  • Display in the Supplier list — the created Custom Field will be displayed in the Other Details column on the Supplier Management page.

More information on Document Custom Field types and their management can be found in this article.

  • Show in Filters — if activated, you will be able to apply filters by the created Custom Fields on the following pages:

3. Once done with the setting, click either the Save button if you have selected the Date or Text type or the Next Step button if you have selected the Drop-down list type to enter the available options.

You can also Import and Update the Supplier Custom Fields in bulk, please consult this How to Import and Update the Supplier Custom Fields article to learn more.

How to Use the Supplier Custom Fields

The newly created Custom Fields can be found and used in the following:

  • Supplier Profile

1. Go to the Supplier Management page and open the Supplier profile.

2. Click the View More button and scroll down to find the Custom Fields.

Please remember that if you have activated the Required to select setting when adding new Suppliers, users will be unable to save the profile without this information.

Please note the Show checkmark next to every created Custom Field:

With the Show checkmark activated, the Custom Fields will be displayed:

    • In the Purchase Order and Invoice documents, along with Supplier information:

    • In the printed Purchase Order and Invoice documents:

  • Supplier Registration Form

1. Go to the Supplier Registration Settings page and open the existing form in editing mode or create a new one.

2. Scroll down in the Registration Form Fields section, and in the Additional Fields container, you will find the Custom Fields. 

3. With checkmarks, select those fields you want the Supplier to see in the form and those required for filling out.

Please note that Suppliers can only submit the registration form after filling out all the required fields.

4. When you are done editing the form, press the Update button to apply the changes.

Please visit the following article to learn more about working with Supplier Registration Form in Precoro

After the Supplier receives and fills out the form along with the custom fields you will see this information:

Manage Supplier Custom Fields with Filters

You can conveniently manage all the created Custom Fields using filters.

Please note that if you have not activated the Show in Filters setting when creating the Custom Field, then it will not be displayed.

  • In adding items from the Catalog to documents:
  • In Requests for Proposals when adding suppliers to the document:

Analyze Supplier Custom Fields in Custom Reports 

The created Supplier Custom Fields are available in the custom Reports for the following document types:

  • Purchase Order

  • Invoice

  • Receipt

  • Credit Note

  • Payment

  • Contract

In the Supplier Data module, you can add those fields to later be able to export them in Excel format and continue your work with them.