How to Import Items


Items Management is the key source for prices, GL assignments, and item descriptions that your company purchases.

Items Management in Precoro facilitates a purchasing process for businesses in the following ways:

  • Purchase orders are filled out with the correct item names and SKU numbers, so there are no misunderstandings with suppliers.
  • GL accounts/cost centers are assigned automatically with predefined settings. It means that the accounting team will no longer worry about the account codes.

Import Items in Bulk from the Item Management

  1. Navigate to the left-side menu, choose the Suppliers and Items tab, and go to Item Management.

  2. Press Import Items and download a template file.

  3. Fill out all the required fields marked with * in the template.

  4. Upload the file and press Next Step.

When importing or updating items, you are free to include up to 7 000 items per one upload and the file should be in XLSX format.

Please note that all items will be imported as active by default.

Required fields to fill out:

  • SKU Number, Item Name, and Price.

There is a character limitation for the Item Name and SKU #: 300 characters.

  • If the Inventory module is active, there will be one more required field: Item Type.
  • If the Items Custom Field is required in Item Management, you have to fill it out.
You can enter either Name or Code for the required Items Custom Fields in the file. There is no need to fill out both fields.
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Please follow this link to learn how to Update Items in bulk.