How to Edit a Purchase Order After It Was Approved

Purchase Orders are traditionally important commercial documents used by buyers and sellers of goods and services.

If you need to edit the already created and Approved Purchase Order document in Precoro, you can do it by using the Revise and Edit Purchase Order buttons on the right action panel.


Editing Purchase Order Items with Revise Button

Using the Revise button, you can edit, add or delete any information in item rows.

Revision can be done by either the Purchase Order Initiator or one of the Approvers. They can also revise the document on Pending or Matching statuses.

The Purchase Order is available for Revision until it contains uninvoiced or unreceived items.

After making the changes, you can either Confirm or Confirm and Restart Approval (manually if needed). Please consult this article to learn more about what changes will trigger the document re-approval process.

After the changes are confirmed, you can resend the document to the Supplier manually by clicking the Send to Supplier button.

Using the Edit Purchase Order Button for Document Fields

By using the Edit Purchase Order button, you will be able to edit the document fields available to you. Please note that you can use this button without taking the document In Revision

Also, consult this article to learn what changes will trigger the document re-approval process. In case you have changed the fields that trigger re-approval, the document will obtain Pending Status, and the whole Approval Workflow will be launched once again.

Please note the following: 

  • If no changes were made when editing, the document will not be sent for approval again.
  • Changes in Item Custom Fields will not trigger the re-approval of the document if the Budget lines remain the same.
  • Changes of Item Custom Fields will not trigger the re-approval if the document’s budget does not include any Item Custom Fields.