How to Create Recurring Invoices

Recurring Invoices solve the problem of manually sending repeated Invoices to your accountant. With this feature, you can automate regular payments and forecast the spending pipeline.


Most Common User Cases

  • Software subscriptions 
  • Services and rentals.

How to Create a Recurring Invoice

You can create a Recurring Invoice from scratch or convert one of your existing Invoices.

You can make the document recurring only if it does not have any related documents.

Depending on the date you set when creating a Recurring Invoice, Precoro will create an Invoice automatically and send it for approval. 

You can change the initial Invoice at any time, but please note that these amendments will affect every following document.

How Recurring Invoices Are Reflected in Your Budget

Imagine you started using new software. The price of a monthly subscription is $100, and it is an annual contract. You can create a recurring invoice for one year, and Precoro will reserve $1,200 in the budget. Once you process the monthly payment, $100 will move from the Reserved to Used section.