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Functionality of Items Custom Fields

Items Custom Fields are assigned to Items and can be used in documents or budgets. Usually, this is the list of Charts of Accounts/Cost Centers or other custom fields. 


Types of Items Custom Fields

You can set a Type you need on the Items/Documents Custom Fields creation page.

Drop-down list

With this Type, you can create and save a list of options to choose from.

For example, you can add the company’s Chart of Accounts options, and when adding items to a document, you can select a necessary option from the list of options you have previously created. You can learn more about creating and setting the Chart of Accounts fields here.

When creating documents, the Drop-down list fields type will look like this:

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The Text type allows you to enter the information needed each time you add an item. However, with this type, you will not be able to select options from a preset list.

You can use this type, for example, to specify a brand, project number, Machine/Vehicle #, add stock groups to items, etc.



With the Date type, you can add a field where users would need to specify dates.

This type can be used for adding expected payment or delivery dates, etc.

Custom Fields Configurations

Activating, Deactivating, and Reactivating Custom Fields

The green ON switch on the Edit Items/Documents Custom Fields page means it is active and currently used by the company.

To deactivate Custom Fields:

1. Open the necessary Fields in the editing mode.

2. Turn the switch OFF.

3. Press the Update button below.


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Please note that once deactivated, the Custom Fields will not be shown in the general Items/Documents Custom Fields list.

To reactivate the previously turned-off Custom Fields, follow these steps:

1. Click on Show Filters, select the No option in the Active field, and press the Filter button below. 

2. In the filtered results, you can see the deactivated fields. Open the ones you need to activate in the editing mode.

3. Turn the switch back ON and press the Update button below. 

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Basic Settings

In the Basic Settings section, you can set the following parameters: 

  • Required to select in items/documents means this will be a mandatory field in your item/document.
  • Show Option Code — if this parameter is active, the field codes will be shown in your documents/items.

  • Print code/name in Excel & PDF documents means that the field code/name or both will be printed on Excel & PDF versions of the chosen documents.

Please note that the two additional options for the Documents Custom Fields are available in Basic Settings.

In Documents Custom Fields only, you can set:

  • Display in the lists of documents — the custom field will be displayed in the Other details column.
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  • Limit access to documents — to limit users’ access to documents, first make Custom Fields for the documents required.

When the Available in Approval Workflow option is activated, all approvers in the existing Approval Workflows have access to the current Documents Custom Field and can approve documents that include this Custom Field. To edit the approver’s accesses, go to the Approval Workflow.

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Available to select in

Set up in which documents your Items/Documents Custom Fields will be Available to select in:

  • Available in the Purchase Orders / Receipts / Invoices / Requests for Proposals / Warehouse Requests / Purchase Requisitions means that the field will be available to fill out in the selected documents. 
  • Available in the Budgets means that you can tie your budget to the Custom Field.

How to Deactivate Custom Fields Options/Sub-Options

You can easily disable your Items Custom Fields options if they are not needed anymore, and activate them again if necessary.

To deactivate the options, uncheck them in the Custom Field editing mode and press the Update button below.

Please note that you cannot delete options that have already been used in documents. You can only make them inactive.


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