Frequently Asked Questions on Xero Sync


Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find the answers to frequently asked questions about Xero Sync.

1. How do I disconnect from Xero? 

After disconnecting Xero integration, all integrated fields will be disintegrated. Therefore, if you want to connect your Xero account once again, you must import new fields and deactivate the old ones.

2. What statuses will the created PO/Invoices in Xero have?

  • In Xero, these documents will have the status Pending. If you wish to change the transferred document status, please get in touch with our Support team.

3. Will the attachments be sent to Xero as well?

  • Yes, the attachments are sent to Xero along with the document. For detailed information, see the Purchase Orders sync and Invoices sync articles.

4. Will the information be updated in the Xero document if I revise it in Precoro?

  • Yes, the revised information from Precoro will be exported to the document in Xero.

5. Will the information get updated in the Precoro document if I revise it in Xero? 

  •  No, the revised information from Xero will not be exported to the document in Precoro.

6. Can I choose to import PO and Invoice types of documents simultaneously?

  • This function is currently unavailable. Please get in touch with our Support team and let us know if you wish to utilize this option.

7. Why does the document change the Total sum when integrated?

  • This problem can occur if you have different Rounding Settings in Xero and Precoro. To solve this issue, unify the Rounding Settings.

8. Why are the Tracking Categories imported as Items Custom Fields?

  • The Tracking Categories are the Items Custom Fields objects in Precoro, and they sync accordingly.  

9. What items are imported into Precoro?

  • You can import inventory or purchase item types.

10. Will I be able to send documents to Xero if their Dates have passed?

  • Yes, you can input any Date and synchronize the necessary documents, but only if your period is not closed in Xero. 
    If you have closed a certain accounting period in Xero, you will not be able to send documents with an overdue date. You should take the document for Revision and correct the Due Date for an actual period.

11. What happens if I do not conduct any activities with the integration for 60 days?

  • If you are not using it for more than 60 days, your company integration will be disabled.

12. How do I reactivate my Xero account if I haven’t been using it for longer than 60 days?

13. How does Supplier mapping work if I already have a Supplier in Xero?

  • When mapping a new Supplier in Precoro with an already existing one in Xero, we would update the information by taking data from Xero and updating it in Precoro.

    If there are any differences between the two records, we will now update the information in Precoro based on the data taken from Xero.

14. If I add a Supplier in Precoro, will it be automatically added to Xero?

  • Yes, the Supplier integration works both ways and if you add a Supplier in Precoro, they will be automatically added to Xero.

15. If I add a Supplier in Xero, will it be automatically added to Precoro?

  • No, in that case, you need to import that Supplier from the Integrations page. Please see this guide on how to do this.

16. Will the Supplier integration work if I import them from the file instead of adding them manually in Precoro? Will they be automatically added to Xero in that case?

  • No, in that case, you will need to import that Supplier from the Integrations page manually. Please see this guide on how to do this.

17. What is the best plan of action when re-activating integration with Xero? 

In case you have decided to activate your integration with Xero again after previously deactivating it, please consider the following:

  • During reintegration, you need to import again: Suppliers, Items, and Tax Rates. Precoro will look for matches by Names, and if they align, fields will be mapped to Precoro. This ensures you won't end up with duplicates if you have imported the same options again.
  • Chart of Accounts and Tracking Categories, are saved even after you have turned off the integration. Thus, if you have integrated the same fields, all previously integrated options will be automatically merged again.
    If you have been adding new options to Xero during the disconnection and want them integrated, simply go through the standard import process.

Proceed to this article to recall the import process.

Questions about Rounding Integration

1. If you want to send an Invoice to Xero with a price that has three or four digits after the decimal point (0.1234), then Precoro must have the corresponding rounding settings (rounding to 3 or 4 digits).

2. If the Purchase Order was created at a time when the company's Rounding Settings were set to two digits, and then the rounding was changed to a 3/4 number. When you create an invoice for such a Purchase Order – the Invoice will not get exported to Xero because the Invoice automatically pulls up that rounding that was initially set in the PO.

3. If an Invoice was created when the Rounding in Precoro was up to two digits, and then you have changed the rounding to 4 digits – the Invoice will not get exported to Xero because it was initially created with rounding to two digits.

In all three cases described above, you would need to recreate the documents – both the Invoices and the linked Purchase Orders.
Please pay particular attention to the fact that you will have to recreate them manually – the Repeat document function is unsuitable here.