What is Punch-In and How Does It Work with Amazon and Precoro?

Amazon Punchin is a similar function to Punchout.

The Primary Purpose of Punch-In

  • Reduced manual entry of the PO.
  • Prevention of unapproved spendings on Amazon.
  • Elimination of undefined Invoices that your accounting team receives and should pay with no approval.

How Does It Work?

Differences between Punch-In and Punchout

  • With Punch-in, your shopping experience starts from Amazon and your shopping cart*.
    *In Punchout, you need to log in to the e-procurement system, and then you are redirected to Amazon to be able to fill your shopping cart.
  • Amazon Punch-in reserves your prices and quantities in stock for seven days. Therefore, there are no changes in price if your PO is approved within seven days.