Weekly update: September 29


Make Invoice and Expenses Mass Payments

There is no need to create separate payments for different suppliers to each Invoice or Expense anymore. Now, you can select the necessary documents and pay for them with one click.

This function is available to all users with access to the Payment module.


1. Open the Create Payment page, where you can use an advanced set of filters to help you quickly find the necessary documents.

2. Select the needed Invoices by checking the box on the left and choosing the Due Date.

3. After doing so, press the green Pay button.

On the Invoices page, you can also multi-select the necessary documents and pay them in bulk.


Only Invoices with To be paid and Overdue categories are available for multi-select and mass payment.

In the Expenses module, you can multi-select the necessary documents and pay them in bulk as well.


Please note that only Expenses with To be paid and Overdue categories are available for multi-select and mass payment.

Change the Item quantity in Purchase Orders created from Purchase Requisitions

Now, when creating the new Purchase Order document from Purchase Requisition, you can change the number of the ordered item and order less than was originally requested. 

Users with Creator roles in Purchase Order and Purchase Requisition modules can use this function.

You can change the item's quantity:

  • When editing items in the Purchase Order, provided that the document has Draft or In revision Statuses.

The Purchase Requisition document has a new parameter Waiting in the item line. It shows how much is still available for order: Waiting = Requested - Rejected - Ordered.

Use Google Sign-in and Google Sheets to build reports

All the Precoro users now can:

1. Log in to Precoro via Google.

On the authorization page, select the Sign In with Google option and choose the Account to continue to Precoro. 

2. Export all the reports into Google Sheets

To export the reports into Google Sheets:

  • After running the report, select the Export to Google Sheet option.
The Export to Google Sheet option is available for both custom and preset Precoro reports.

  • In case you want to share the report with somebody, enter their email in the Share report with field.

The report will be sent to you in Google Drive and Google Sheets.


Automatic Attachment Transfer from Purchase Order to Invoice and Receipt documents


The attachments from Purchase Orders can be automatically transferred into the Invoice and Receipt documents.


To activate this function, tick the Automatically transfer attachments to Receipts and Invoices in Basic Settings Purchase Order tab:

The automatically transferred attachment shows the number and type from the original document: