Weekly update: September 22


Create Receipts in Bulk Using Multi-Select Function

You can select multiple Purchase Orders and create Receipts for all of them in one click.

This function is available to all users with Creator roles and access to the Receipt and Purchase Order modules.

To utilize this function:

1. Open the Create Receipt page.

2. Select the necessary Purchase Order documents by ticking them.

3. Choose the Receive selected function.

If you wish to undo the section you made, press the Reject selected button.

In case you have the Receipt Approval Workflow in place, the documents you have selected to Receive will get a Pending status, and the set workflow logic you have will be executed.

Update the Budget through the Excel File

To quickly and efficiently renew information in the existing Budget, use the Update function in the viewing and editing modes.

This function can be used by users with access to the Budget module.

To make the Update follow the steps in the video below:

Multi-Select the Suppliers in Filters

Now you add as many Suppliers as you need into the filter to get the information you need promptly.

To utilize the multi-select function in the Supplier field, tick the necessary Suppliers to add them into filtration:   

This function is available for use on the following pages:

  • The general filter on the pages of Purchase Order, Invoice, Request for Proposals, Receipt, and Create Receipt documents.
  • The Add Item page in the Purchase Requisition, Request for Proposals, Warehouse Request, and Inventory Consumption documents.
  • The default visual charts on Purchase Orders and Invoice documents.
  • The default reports on Purchase Order Export by Items and Documents, Invoice Export by Items, and Credit Note Export by Items.
  • The custom reports on Purchase Order, Invoice, Request for Proposals, Receipt, Credit Note, Payment.

Revision History in the Expenses

You can now select and compare changes made in the Expense documents using the Revision History button.

This function is only available to users with access to the Expenses module. 

Additional information on how to use the Revision History can be found here.

Revision History in the Approval Workflow

You can see and compare the changes made in the Approval Workflow using the Revision History button. 

This function is available for all Approval Workflow documents in all the steps.

To utilize this function:

1. Click the Revision History button in the Approval step to see the changes made.

2. Select the two revisions for comparison and click the Compare Revisions button below.

3. Press the Show Changes Only button to see which alterations were made.