Weekly update: September 15


Mass Complete Purchase Orders

Now, when turning off either Receipt or Invoice modules, there is no need to complete the related Purchase Order documents manually one by one.

You can use the mass complete function, which becomes available when turning off either Receipt or Invoice modules in Precoro's Basic Settings.
  • Turning off the Receipts module will complete Purchase Orders with the following statuses:

Approved + Paid + Not received / Partly received

  • Turning off the Invoices module will complete Purchase Orders with the following statuses:

Approved + Received + Not billed / Not paid / Partly paid

When switching off one of the sections, you will see the informational window with the Statuses of your uncompleted Purchase Order. 

To proceed, press the Yes button below, and the mass complete function will be activated. After the successful completion, Precoro will notify you how many Purchase Order documents were completed.

Automatic Attachment Transfer to Purchase Order documents

The attachments from Purchase Requisitions and Requests for Proposals can be automatically transferred to Purchase Orders to the Internal and External sections, respectively:

  • Attachments from the Purchase Requisition documents will be transferred into the Internal section of Purchase Orders.
  • Attachments from the Requests for Proposals documents will be transferred into the External section of Purchase Orders.

To activate this function, tick the Automatically transfer attachments from Purchase Requisition in Basic Settings Purchase Order tab:

The automatically transferred attachment shows the number and type from the original document: 

Low Stock Notifications

Precoro will help you effectively manage the balance of the existing items, so you will always be aware when the stock level is getting low.

The notifications are available on the Inventory and Warehouse management pages:

  • Set the item's Minimum Stock Level on the Warehouse management page. 

That way, when the item reaches its minimum quantity point, you will see the red point mark next to the Warehouse Name with a Low stock notification.

  • Set the item's Reorder To level on the Warehouse management page. 

This level states the desired item quantity in the Warehouse. 

The Need To Order quantity is calculated automatically: Reorder To - Quantity.

You will also be able to create the Purchase Orders for the low-stock items directly from the Warehouse management page: