Weekly update: October 27


Export Reports to Google Sheets on a Daily Basis Schedule

Now, using the Google Sheets integration, you can generate automated daily scheduled reports. This will allow you to easily edit, organize, and analyze documents.

Please consider this article for more detailed instructions on how to make a scheduled report export.

The Export to Google Sheet option is available for both custom and preset Precoro reports.

You can also share the reports with your colleagues just by putting their emails into the Share report with field.

Improved working logic and display of Credit Notes in Purchase Orders

Now, you can complete the Purchase Order documents that have related Credit Notes in them.

We have added the Credit Note display in the item's row, and now we take into account the quantity in the calculation of the received and invoiced items.

Check out the Credit Note (CN) display in the Purchase Order (PO):

  • Direct link to the related CN in PO.
  • Additional columns in the item's row "Quantity in Credit Note" (the columns are available in PO and Receipt documents only when you have a related CN).

Custom Numbering for the Request for Proposal document

You can now set the custom numbering for the Request for Proposal document. To activate the custom numbering, open the Configuration → Custom Numbering → Custom Numbering for Request for Proposal and select one of the available formats from the drop-down list.

Please consider that the custom numbering will affect only the new documents created after the setup.

The custom numbering will be displayed and available:

  • On the Request for Proposal document, show page.
  • In the PDF/XLSX document download options.
  • In the reports.
  • In letters.

If you wish to get this function deactivated, please get in touch with our support team, who will gladly help you with this task.