Weekly update: October 20


Updated User Management Design and Functionality

You can enjoy the new User Management page design and use the following improved functionality.

  • For multi-companies, the ability to add, edit, and deactivate user access in all companies at once. As well as select and appoint a Substitute User for all available companies at once for the deactivated user.
  • More bulk actions like:
    • Access to All — can at once grant and revoke access to all Locations and Documents Custom Fields options in a specific company.
    • Select All can at once grant and revoke access to specific Locations and Documents Custom Fields options.
    • Apply to All Companies — can help you automatically duplicate the specific set of User Roles, Locations, and Documents Custom Fields and apply them to all available companies.

Improved Xero Import

For you to conveniently categorize and select the needed type of Suppliers to import, we have added the ability to filter the list by the following parameters: All, Customers, Suppliers.

Better OCR Processes

We are constantly improving our OCR processes, and this week, we have the following update:

  • We automatically map and select Legal Entity based on the fields from the OCR.

Mapping will only occur if the Legal Entity is enabled in the company.