Weekly update: November 24


Gross/Net Total Display on the Inventory Page

You no longer need to open each Warehouse to see the Total sum of items in it, as now we have a corresponding Gross/Net Total column on the Inventory page.

You can choose the type of Total sum for display Gross or Net by selecting it in the Configuration → Basic Settings → MISC → The total in the document's lists:

Work with a New Filters Design in Documents

We have changed the design and process of selecting filters in documents. As a result, it has become more convenient, intuitive, and allows you to work with documents faster.

When you click on Filters, there is a pop-up with all the available filters. At the bottom of the pop-up, there are three fast actions available:

  • Filter results – applies the selected filtering parameters.
  • Save current filter – allows saving the selected filtering instantly.
  • Reset all filters – resets the selected filtering parameters.

After the filtering, you can use the instant Save and Reset options on the top panel:

  • Save Filter  allows you to instantly save the filtered results without going to another page.
  • Reset all – resets both the search query and the selected filtering parameters.

Select New Supplier Type in NetSuite Integration

When importing Suppliers from NetSuite to Precoro, you can see the two categories:

  • Company – regular Supplier type companies.
  • Individual – this category may include private entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Now, you will be able to see who belongs to which category and, if necessary, filter them by this parameter. For example, you can import only the Individual type suppliers.

How does it work

In NetSuite in the Vendor List, you can select the needed Type:

On the importing suppliers from the NetSuite page, there is a new column, Is Individual. This column contains Yes or No values, which indicate whether it is a regular company or an individual one.

Check out the New Guidelines in the Budget Import and Update Templates

The tasks of Importing or Updating Budgets in Precoro are much easier with the new guidelines in the templates: