Weekly update: November 17


Select the PO documents that won't be sent to Suppliers

Now, you can differentiate the Purchase Order documents which you would like to send or not to send to the Suppliers.

This feature is only available if you have previously activated it in the ConfigurationBasic Settings  → Purchase Orders → Send to the Supplier check box.

How does it work

When creating the new PO document, you can now select whether you would like it to be sent to the Supplier:

1.  After choosing the Supplier, select the necessary option in the Send PO to Supplier field.

Please note that by default, in the Send PO to Supplier field, there will be chosen the "Yes" option.

2. If you wish not to send the PO document to the Supplier, select the "No" option.

In that case, you will NOT see the following:

  • Button "Send to Supplier" on the PO page.
  • "Not sent" status.
  • Document listed in the "Send to Supplier" Infocard.

How to resolve the already existing number of POs in the "Send to Supplier" Infocard

1. When pressing the "Send to Supplier" Infocard, you will see boxes next to the documents.

2. Check the necessary documents, and you will see the Do not send to Supplier" button.

After selecting the needed documents and pressing the Do not send to Supplier button, you will see that:

  • The number of POs in the "Send to Supplier" Infocard has decreased.
  • There is no "Send to Supplier" button and "Not sent" status on the PO view page.
  • When editing the PO in the "Send PO to supplier" field, there will be a selected "No" option.

Use the Improved Update and Import Items Options

We have improved the Updating and Importing options when uploading Items into Precoro.

You can easily add more than 500 lines into Precoro with one upload. The limit to downloading Items has been increased to 7 000 lines.

You can find more information on how to Import and Update Items in bulk in this article.

Take advantage of the new Formatting tools for Notes and Comments

You can format the text in the Notes and Comments by using the tool panel above to make it more structural and easier to understand.

Please consider this article for more insights on the feature.

Build a Customized Approval Workflow

You can build a new, more customizable Approval Workflow in Precoro tailored to your company processes.

When creating or editing the Approval process in the Steps Settings, you can select the following options:

Parallel Approval

This type of approval can help you significantly reduce the time spent on document confirmation by each responsible.

Compared to the Sequential, the Parallel one is more flexible and adaptable as there is no strict step succession.

The document will be sent to all the parallel steps approvers simultaneously. 

Thus, there will be no need to wait for each department's confirmation one after the other.

Please consider that:

- Only those steps placed next to each other can be Parallel.

- The document with the Parallel Approval will receive the Approved Status only when ALL the steps are completed.

Sequential Approval

This type of approval can come in handy when your process requires strict step succession. Without the approval of the first person, the document will not be sent to the second one, and so on.

You can see more helpful information on working with Sequential Approval here.

Sequential and Parallel Approvals in one Workflow

You can build a flexible and customizable workflow according to your company's needs by combining the two types of approvals:


Filter the Supplier Data in a Custom PO Report by the Sending Status

When creating a new custom Purchase Order report, you can now select the Sending Status column.

There are three statuses available:

Sent – the Purchase Order document has been sent to the Supplier.

Not sent – the Purchase Order document has not been sent to the Supplier.

Message received – when Supplier using the Portal, creates the Invoice.