Weekly Update: May 19


Tolerance Limits for all document types

Tolerance Limits is a setting that helps you set the conditions under which a re-approval will not be triggered after a document revision.

Tolerance Limits are set for all document types and can have several conditions. 

With this feature, you can limit or remove the approvals when a revision has been made.

You can read more about this feature here.

How it works:

If something was changed on the revision, which affected the amount of the document, then:

  • If the document amount has decreased - the re-approval will not be triggered.
  • If the document amount remains the same, the re-approval will not be triggered.
  • The re-approval will not be triggered if the document amount has increased but has remained within the set limit.
  • The re-approval will be triggered if the document amount has increased and exceeded the set limit.

The Custom Inventory Report

This report aims to allow users to download all balances for all warehouses, taking into account the item prices.

Please note that this report contains information on all warehouses and displays data on active warehouses only.

The View Only role for all document types

This role allows users to view all documents and reports according to the Roles, Document Custom Fields, and Locations available to the user.

Now, you don't need to set the Approval role to see all documents.

The ICF Code column was added to the Custom Budget Report

Due to this release, users will be able to add the “Items Custom Field Code” (for example, GL Accounts Code) column to the Custom Budget report.