Weekly Update: March 31


A new module in Precoro: Expenses

We've launched a new module to help you manage your employees' expenses in Precoro faster, easier, and more effectively.

Expense is a document type that allows you to create expense reimbursement requests. 

Expenses usually occur when employees: 

  • spend their own money on behalf of the company and request reimbursement within their salary or separately;
  • have a corporate card and should report payments made with it.

How to use Expenses in Precoro:

        1. Activate the Expenses module for your company. Go to Configurations → Basic Settings and click on the Expenses tab. Once Expenses are enabled, you can also manage additional settings:

*Don't forget to activate 
Empty Rows for Items

        2. Activate the related roles. Use Configurations → User Management and assign the appropriate roles for users who will be in charge of creating, approving, and/or paying expenses. 

*Reach out to User Roles in Precoro for more information.

        3. Create the documents. To add a new Expense, use a correspondent tab in the menu and create a new document the same way you create a new Invoice:


Note: Approval Workflow, DCF/ICF, Reports, and Budgets (ability to assign documents to specific budgets) are also available for Expenses.

To check out more detailed information about Expenses in Precoro, please, use the following links:

Purchase Orders: changes in the re-approval after the documents' revision

We are changing the process of the documents' re-approval after the revision. So now you won't need to re-approve the insufficient changes in documents. 

Precoro will not trigger the re-approval in the following cases:

  • If there were not any changes at all;
  • changes of Items Custom Fields if the Budget or Budget Line remains the same;
  • changes of Items Custom Fields if the document's budget does not include any Items Custom Fields.

*Currently, this feature is available only for Purchase Orders. We will expand it to all types of documents in our nearest releases.

Budgets page: new 'view by' option and new filter

Now you can choose how to view your list of Budgets:

  • by Parent Budget (current view) OR
  • by Budget line names (new view option) 

We've also added a filter for Document Custom Fields (Departments). If you use the Budget line names view, the Document Custom Fields included in your budget will be displayed in the "Other details" column.