Weekly Update: March 24


Inventory: ability to set tax in bulk for all items in Warehouse

Now you can apply the selected tax to all items in the list in one click. 

To do this:

  • Click on the "Edit" button of any item on the list;
  • Select the appropriate tax rate, save it;
  • Click on "Apply to all" to assign this tax rate to all other items on the list;
  • Save the item.

NetSuite integration updates

Ability to re-integrate Suppliers with changed IDs in NetSuite

We fixed a problem when users could not send the documents to NetSuite with certain Suppliers selected. 

It happened due to changes in these Suppliers' IDs in NetSuite after:

  • deleting and re-creating Supplier with the same Name
  • merging Supplier with another one.

So now, after re-creating or merging Suppliers in NetSuite, it's important to update them in Precoro manually. 

To do this:

  1. Go to the NetSuite integration page 
  2. Click on Update Suppliers.

Suppliers with changed IDs will be re-integrated into Precoro. Thus, the ability to send documents to NetSuite with these Suppliers will be restored.


Please, note: the Name and Subsidiary of the re-created Supplier in NetSuite should be the same as before.

We are also planning to automate this process soon, so you won't need to Update Suppliers manually.

New info card "Not Sent to NetSuite"

We added a new info card for users with NetSuite integration. 

It helps to filter documents that have not yet been sent to NetSuite.

QuickBooks Online integration: selective import of lists and settings

Now you can import only selected Chart of Accounts, Classes, Departments, and Customers (Projects) from QuickBooks if there is no need to import the full lists.

How the updated import works:

  1. Go to QuickBooks integration page, scroll to Step 3 - Import lists and settings;
  2. Click on "Import Chart of Accounts" to open the list of the options available for the import;
  3. Use checkboxes to select Accounts you want to import to Precoro;
  4. Click on "Import";
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for other lists you need to import.

Example for Customers:

Budgets: new description field for sub-lines with Items Custom Fields 

When creating a budget with Items Custom Fields included, you can add a short description for each sub-line (if necessary). It could be helpful for complex budgets with 2 and more Items Custom Fields options in each sub-line to make it more structured and easy to follow with unifying titles.

Description field in Budget creation form:

Description fields in Budget import form: