Weekly Update: March 17


Email reminders update

We divided weekly reminder emails into two types:

  1. Documents require actions from you in Precoro (based on the previous Weekly Reminder email)
  2. Approval reminder (the new email reminder only for approvers)

1. Email reminder "Documents require actions from you in Precoro"

  • Contains the list of actions required from you in Precoro (such as creating PO from PR, waiting for transfer, confirm, match, etc.)
  • Default frequency - one e-mail every Monday.

2. Email reminder "Approval reminder"

  • Contains the list of documents that require your approval in Precoro.
  • Default frequency - one e-mail every Monday.

Also, you can set up the frequency of both email reminders for all company users/approvers depending on the type of email. To do that: 

  • Just go to the Configuration —> Basic Settings —> Daily Reminders.
  • Select on which days each type of email reminder will be sent to the users and approvers.

To completely disable one or both reminders: use the appropriate checkboxes on the Email Preferences page (Misc section):

Other improvements

  • Email Preferences page was visually fine-tuned. We aligned the display order of checkboxes for all categories to make the page more structured and clear.
  • Precoro API was updated: new request PATCH for Supplier (Set Supplier ExternalId by ID) is now available (see the documentation); previously available PUT for Supplier (Update Supplier by ID) is now detailed in the documentation.