Weekly update: March 23


Set More Default Custom Fields for Suppliers

You can set Default Custom Fields directly through the Supplier card, bringing more automation when working with documents. It can help save time and eliminate manual errors when adding new items, working with Afaxys or Amazon integrations, or creating new documents in Precoro.

Users who have Configurations and Supplier Management Roles can use this functionality.

Take a look at the table below that shows which fields are available for specific document types:

Document Types/Custom Fields Purchase Orders Invoices Purchase Requisitions Warehouse Requests
Documents Custom Fields + +
Items Custom Fields + + + +

To appoint the fields, follow these three steps:

1. Make sure the Documents/Items Custom Fields are available in the necessary documents.

More information on working with Items Custom Fields can be found here, and here you can find more insights on working with Documents Custom Fields.

2. In the Supplier card, you can set the default values.

To do that, open the Supplier editing page, press the Show default options button, and enter the needed information into the ICF or DCF.

3. Create a new document, and the default values will be automatically added to it.

Working with Afaxys and Amazon integrations

If you use Afaxys or Amazon integrations, the default values you have set for the Supplier will be automatically transferred to the Purchase Orders and Invoices.

If your item already has filled-in values in the Catalog, that information will be displayed in the item despite the default information you have set.

Update Items in Bulk for Expenses and Requests for Proposals

Use the Update Items option in Expenses and Requests for Proposals if you need to update, for example, the following:

  • Item prices have changed.
  • You need to update other important information in the Items Custom Fields.
You can Update items with the RFP document in Draft status and the Expenses in Draft and In Revision statuses.

Here’s how it works on the Requests for Proposals example:

1. Open the document you want to update, make sure you have added Items, and click the Update Items button.

2. You will be redirected to the Update Items page. By following the instructions, you can download a template file (with the items from your document), update the necessary information, and upload it back to Precoro.

The file must be in XLSX format and should not contain the tips from rows 2 and 3, which you need to delete before the upload. 

Please do not edit the Item ID column. Otherwise, it will affect the correctness of data displayed in the Reports and Inventory sections.

3. After Submitting the document, you will receive a system message about the download success, and the changes will be displayed in the edited items.

The process for updating items in Expense documents is identical to the example above.

Send the Proposal for Supplier Revision

Now, you can send Confirmed Proposals back to Suppliers with just one click of a button!

This function can come in handy when Proposal terms change or when you have negotiated other working conditions with a Supplier. So, you would not need to create another RFP document and go through the whole confirmation process again; all you have to do is send the current document for revision.

How does it work?

This function is available for Requests for Proposals with Approved statuses.

As soon as the RFP acquires Completed status (the Suppliers have been selected for the items), the Proposal can no longer be sent for revision.

During revision, the Supplier cannot edit the item for which you have already appointed a Supplier.

1. Open the Confirmed RFP document and click on the Show supplier proposal button in the Status column.

2. On the Proposal page, click Send for revision and leave a comment for the Supplier, specifying what exactly needs to be corrected.

The Supplier will, in turn, receive a notification letter with your comment and will be able to edit the information and return it to you for further confirmation.

New Info Card Design is Here!

Enjoy the improved design on all the Precoro document pages.

Next up, we are preparing a new table design improvement that will make your work with documents even more efficient.

Use Comments in Inventory Consumption Documents

Communicate with your colleagues even better by leaving comments in Inventory Consumption Documents.

Learn more about working with Comments in Precoro here