Weekly update: July 21


Possibility to turn off the Budget function in the Expenses module 

More detailed information on how to work with the Budget module in Expenses, you can find here.

To make a deactivation go to Configuration → Basic Settings → Expenses and switch the module off.

If you deactivate the Budget function, it will still be displayed in the documents with Paid and  Approved statuses. However, it will become unavailable in  Pending and Draft Expenses and get removed entirely if the document is taken on Revision.

New notification letter about the Warehouse Request Stock Transfer

The Warehouse Request initiators can always be informed about the created Stock Transfer to their request via Email notifications.

To switch the notifications on, tick the New Stock  Transfer for Warehouse Request in the Email Preferences and Update the page.


Thus, each time someone has created a Stock Transfer to your Warehouse Request, you will receive the following message:

The Exchange Rate will be automatically updated when the document is repeated

To get an automatically updated rate in repeated documents, you should set the Auto Exchange Rate in Configuration → Basic Settings → Currencies.

With Auto Exchange Rate, when you choose the option to Repeat the document, the rate will be automatically updated according to the actual one.