Weekly Update: January 27


Now you can check pending actions of documents approval/matching in other companies* 

To see what's pending your actions, go to the drop-down menu with a list of your companies and click on "Check pending actions."

Precoro will calculate the number of documents waiting for your approval or matching in each company. 

This number will be indicated in the red circle next to the company's name. 

No circle means no documents for your approval/matching. 

How it works:

*Feature is available only for multi-company accounts

Now you can add attachments to the Supplier's card

How it works:


  • Attachments could be added only to the already created Supplier's card. Therefore, while creating a new Supplier, you should first fill all required fields in the Supplier card, Save it, and then use the Edit button to Add attachments.
  • For Suppliers who use the Suppliers Portal, attachments will be available in the coming releases.