Weekly update: January 12


Filter Your Documents by the Items Custom Fields

The filtering options addition is now available in the following documents: Warehouse Requests, Purchase Requisitions, Requests for Proposals, Receipts, Invoices, and Expenses.

To use the Item Custom Fields filtering option, please follow the steps below:

1. Make sure you have activated the necessary Items Custom Fields for the needed documents.

2. On the document management page, open the filter and search documents by the previously activated Items Custom Fields options.

Limited the File Format in Update and Import Forms to XLSX

Now, you can upload only the XLSX file format to Update or Import forms in Precoro.

Please note that any other file formats like jpg, png, gif, and pdf are not available for selection when submitting a file. 

The limit to the XLSX format is applied to all the Update and Import forms in Precoro:

  • Catalog Items.
  • Document Items.
  • Suppliers.
  • Users.
  • Budgets.

Renamed Field on the Payments Page

Now, on the Payments page, when using in bulk option, you will see the Sum Total (selected) field that shows the Total amount needed to be paid.