Weekly Update: February 3


Attachments in the Supplier Portal

Due to this release, you’ll be able to add attachments to the Supplier’s card in the Supplier Portal.

How it works: 

  • The supplier can add attachments to his card in the Portal (Supplier Settings —> Basic Settings).
  • Attachments added in the Portal will be visible for users in the supplier’s card:

Please note:

  • Attachments from the Portal cannot be deleted by the user. They can be deleted only by the supplier in the Portal.
  • Documents attached by the user will not be displayed in the Supplier Portal.

Supplier document # will be displayed while running reports

We added Supplier Invoice # to the following reports: 

  • Invoice Export by Items
  • Custom Invoice Report

The Supplier Credit Note # is now displayed in these reports:

  • Credit Note Export by Items
  • Custom Credit Note Report

You can see the Supplier Receipt # in:

  • Custom Receipt Report

An example of what it looks like:

Required file attachments in the Purchase Orders

A new function was added — the ability to set file attachments in Purchase Orders as required. 

How it works:

  • If file attachments are required — the user won't be able to confirm or approve a Purchase Order without attached documents.
  • You can activate this feature by going to Configuration —> Basic Settings —> Purchase Orders tab.

Ability to edit Stock Balance right in your warehouse

You'll be able to edit stock balances more quickly. All you need to do is just click the “edit” button:

After a new balance is saved — you can see the Stock Details with this transfer:

The manual update of payments from QuickBooks was improved

We have updated the ability to manually synchronize payments with QBO if the automatic one didn’t work with some of the Invoices:

  • Now, instead of the Payment Date, the user selects the Invoice Issue Date.
  • All payments associated with Invoices whose issue date is in the selected range will be updated/added to Precoro. 

How it works:


Follow this link to see the step-by-step guide.

New date format in the company settings

You requested — we did it.

A new date format YYYY-MM-DD is already available in Configuration → Basic Settings → MISC: