Weekly Update: February 17


Custom Numbering for all documents types

A new feature is already available for users with the "Configuration" role.

Custom Numbering is available for the following documents:

  • Warehouse Request
  • Purchase Requisition
  • Purchase Order
  • Receipt
  • Invoice

You can find Custom Numbering settings by going to Configuration —> Custom Numbering:

Follow this article to learn more about Custom Numbering.

Import selected Departments, Classes, and Customers from NetSuite to Precoro

The process of the Departments', Classes, and Customers import was improved — now, you can choose which options should be imported from NetSuite to Precoro and which not.

How it works:

  • Press Import Classes / Import Departments / Import Customers button on the integration page;
  • Select options that have to be imported from NetSuite to Precoro (or select all ones);
  • Click the “Import” button;

Budget Access Limitations by Documents Custom Fields and Locations

Due to this release, users will see the budgets depending on access to the Departments/Projects/Budget Groups:

  • The user will see the budget line in case there is access to at least one department from the budget line;
  • The user will see the budget if at least one available budget line is in the budget;

Check out more about Budget access limitations in Precoro.

Stock Valuation

We added the calculation of the items sums in the Warehouse.

How it works:

  • You can see the item price right in the Warehouse;
  • The total for the Warehouse is displayed as well;
  • The total item sum is calculated by the price in the Company Items;
  • You can edit taxes and item quantity manually in your Warehouse;

How it looks like:

Attachments from Purchase Orders will be sent to the Supplier along with the email

We added one more section with attachments on the Purchase Order show page.

Now you can see that a Purchase Order can have both Internal Attachments (available for company users only) and External Attachments — those that will be sent to the Supplier along with the Purchase Order.

Attachments will be added to the emails as links:


Please note: only attachments from the "External Attachments" section will be sent to the Supplier.

Attachments from Purchase Orders and Invoices will be sent to Approvers along with the email

Now, approvers will see all attached documents (both external and internal ones) in the approval emails.

Attachments will be added to the emails as links:

Please note: documents both from the Internal and External Attachments sections will be sent.

Push notifications from the mobile app for Android users

Due to this release, users who have Android OS will get push notifications from the Precoro application.

Additional password validation

Now, users’ passwords will be checked for insecurities. If the password that the user is trying to use has appeared in the database of leaked passwords — Precoro won’t let using it. 

Such passwords may jeopardize your account. We strongly recommend you avoid using leaked passwords anywhere.