Weekly update: December 8


Check out the updated Revision History audit

Now, the information about applied changes will be as complete as possible.

See the new fields in the Revision History of the following documents:

Document Type Document Fields Item Line Fields

Purchase Requisitions

Delivery Date Rejected
Requester Ordered

Warehouse Request

Delivery Date Received / Waiting

Purchase Order

Net Total Net Total Before Discount
Taxes Discount
Tax Sum Total Discount USD
Discount Net Total After Discount USD
Purchaser Tax, %
Purchase Order Terms and Conditions Tax Sum
Send to Supplier  


Issue Date Net Total Before Discount USD
Location Discount
Issuer Total Discount USD
Taxes Net Total After Discount USD
Discount Tax, %
  Tax Sum


Consider the Renamed All Invoices Column in Blanket Purchase Orders

When creating the Blanket Purchase Order, please note that the All Invoices column has been renamed to Total Invoiced.

The meaning of the Total Invoiced column has stayed the same. It shows the sum of Invoices created for a certain item line in a Blanket Purchase Order.

Please note that the Total Invoiced column is available only in the Blanket Purchase Order per item Type.

Filter your Purchase Requisition Documents by the Items Custom Fields

Check out the latest addition to the Purchase Requisition filtering options. In future updates, we plan to add this improvement to all the documents in Precoro!

To be able to filter the Purchase Requisitions by the Item Custom Fields option, please follow the steps below:

1. Make sure you have activated the necessary Items Custom Fields for the Purchase Requisition documents.

2. On the Purchase Requisition management page, open the filter and add the previously activated Items Custom Fields options.

How will the filtering work:

  • If you filter by a specific ICF option, you get a list of PR documents that have at least one item with the specified option.
  • If you filter simultaneously by several ICF options, you get a list of documents with at least one item that fully matches the selected ICF.

Consider the Renamed Amount of Deliveries Field in Blanket Purchase Orders

When creating the Blanket Purchase Order, please note that the Amount of Deliveries field has been renamed to Number of Deliveries.

The meaning of the Number of Deliveries column has stayed the same. It shows the number of deliveries you are expecting to receive from a particular Supplier.

Please note that the Amount of Deliveries fields have been renamed to Number of Deliveries in both types of Blanket Purchase Orders (per Items and Total).