Weekly Update: December 16


  • Changes in PDF/XLSX vertical/horizontal PO
  • Changes in reports
  • Payments from QuickBooks can now be imported manually

Changes in PDF/XLSX vertical/horizontal PO

PDF and XLSX documents are adapted according to the new format of printed documents. 

What do these changes include:

  • Horizontal Purchase Order will be printed in album or vertical (regular A4) format depending on the width of the document;
  • Locations in horizontal Purchase Order will be inside the table;
  • Horizontal Purchase Order now has a table with delivery addresses for each location from Purchase Requisitions (similar to vertical Purchase Order);

The layout of a new horizontal PO:

The layout of a new vertical PO:

Changes in reports

1. The header in the "Purchase Order export by documents" report was removed. 

2. The file name of the downloaded reports (all) was changed as well. 

The following information is displayed in the report file name:

    ✔️  Report name and export date;

    ✔️  Company name;

    ✔️  Report period and filter name;

3. The Payment report will now display related POs

How it works:

  • The ‘Related Purchase Order #’ column was added. So if you have an Invoice from PO and you have a payment in the Invoice — you’ll see the related PO to this payment

  • The ‘Invoice Type’ filter was added on the report page as well

Payments from QuickBooks can now be imported manually

You are able to import payments from QuickBooks for the selected period.

How it works:

  • The ‘Import from QuickBooks’ button was added to the Payments page;
  • You’ll need to select the period for the import;
  • Imported payments will be assigned to the related Invoices. The Invoice status will be updated to “paid/partly paid” as well.