Weekly Update: December 15


Set Tax as a Required Field

Making the Tax field required can help eliminate many manual errors in your company workflow!

After enabling this feature, the Tax field becomes required in all three following documents:

  • Purchase Order.
  • Invoice.
  • Expense.

To make the Tax field required, follow these steps:

1. Open the Configuration → Basic Settings → MISC and activate the Taxes checkbox.

2. Activate the Required Taxes for Items checkbox. Please note that it becomes available only after the Taxes checkbox activation.

After enabling those checkboxes, Taxes become required for all three documents. The users will only be able to save new documents if they have added the Tax, either on the document or item level.

Please note how this function will work with the already existing documents in Precoro:

  • If you had documents where Taxes were not required, when taking them for revision, the Taxes would become required.
  • If you already had documents where Taxes were required, when you turn off the Required Taxes for Items and take those documents for revision, the Taxes will still be required.

Test Out the New Item Import Template

In the current update, we have added three new fields in the template:


1. Description

This field allows you to add a text description to the item.

Please note that the description should not exceed the 255-character limit.

2. Discounts:

  • Discount Name – you can specify the discount name.
  • Discount Amount – specify the amount of your discount.
  • Discount Type – you can choose whether it will be a discount in percentage (%) or in a certain amount (you will need to put the currency code of the document, e.g., USD, EUR).
    • If you select the percentage type and input the amount – 5, in that case, 5% will be deducted from the total amount.
    • If you select the amount type and input the amount – 5, then 5 (USD, EUR, or any other selected currency) will be deducted from the total amount.

3. Taxes

This field allows you to incorporate Taxes into the items.

When adding Tax, please note that its name should be identical to the one in Precoro.

  • If you want to add several taxes, list them using the ";" semicolon sign.
  • If you set a Tax on a document level, do not repeat that Tax Name in this field. Otherwise, you will create a duplicate task.