Weekly Update: December 9


  • PDF/XLSX documents big update (in progress)
  • Prepayments are displayed on the Payments page

PDF/XLSX documents big update (in progress)

We continue updating all our printed document templates to make them more usable, clear, structured, fine-looking, and harmonized. Here is what we have prepared for this release:

The layout for PDF/XLSX Warehouse Requests was improved. 

The changes are the same as were for Purchase Orders, Invoices, Purchase Requisitions, and Receipts.

How these changes look like:

The layout for PDF/XLSX Blanket Purchase Orders (of both types) was improved as well  

Take a look at the new layout:

Prepayments are displayed on the Payments page

Now, Precoro displays prepayments from Purchase Orders on the Payments page, even if these Orders do not have related Invoices yet. 

Earlier, you were not able to see prepayments that are assigned just to POs and have no related Invoices.

How it works:

✔️  When you make a prepayment in the Purchase Order — it will be displayed on the Payment page;

✔️  All prepayments made before this update were added to the Payments page as well;

✔️  The sequential numbers of already created payments (including prepayments that were assigned on Invoices) were not changed;

✔️  The "Invoices" column was changed to "Related Documents" — you can see related Purchase Orders and Invoices for prepayments.