Weekly update: August 4


Improved field logic behavior after Edit and Revise actions

In Precoro, when redacting specific fields after the Revise action, you would trigger the document re-approval process, whereas in Editing mode, redacting the same fields would not initiate this process.

Now, we have improved the working logic, and here is the list of fields, editing, which after the Revise action will not trigger the approval process again:

In all the documents

  • Initiator/Creator
  • Legal Entity
  • Documents Custom Fields (only not required ones) 
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Contract
  • Notes
  • Date.

In Receipts

  • Post to Warehouse
  • Supplier Receipt #.

In Invoices 

  • Issue Date
  • Supplier Invoice #.

In Expenses

  • Expense #.

Items Custom Fields displayed in related documents 

All document Items Custom Fields are now displayed on the Show Document page in the Purchase Order, Purchase Requisition, Receipt, Invoice, Warehouse Request, Request for Proposals type of documents. 

How it can be useful 

The requesters can open the Show Document page and get all the necessary information on the items in the related documents.

To see complete information on the items added, click the Show Document button, and the Items Custom Fields will be displayed along with other item information.


For example, let's see the items from Request for Proposals in the Purchase Requisition.

Improved process of choosing the Substitute

It is no longer necessary to select a substitute when deactivating a user if that user is not the initiator of the documents. 

Add comments and leave replies in Slack

Now, you can start adding commentaries and leave replies in Slack:

  • When you receive the document for approval, click on the Add comment button to communicate with your team faster. The added comment will be automatically integrated into Precoro.
  • Reply to the comments made by your colleagues directly through Slack.

  • Tag a person with @, adding a comment or reply.

New columns and filters in the Custom Stock Transfer Report

Add new columns to your Custom Stock Transfer Report:

  • In the General Data section, the Documents Custom Fields are now available along with the filters:

Items Custom Fields are now available in the Items Data section.

Terms and Conditions Field is available for editing

The Terms and Conditions field is available for editing in the Purchase Order document.


Redacting the Terms and Conditions filed in Revise will not trigger the re-approval process.