Weekly update: August 17


New Infocard for Overdue Orders

We have added a new infocard on the Receipt management page that allows you to see the Overdue orders. It will help you quickly manage those past the set Delivery Date documents that the Supplier still needs to send, or you still need to create the Receipts for.

The filtering parameters for this infocard include:

  • Delivery Date earlier than today.

  • Document Status that is Approved and Not Received.

On the Receipt page, when you click the Overdue infocard you will be prompted to select overdue Purchase Orders for creating new Receipts. Additionally, you can also apply filters on that page and mass-select the overdue orders.

Added Pending Receipt Infocard

Now, you can instantly see the number of Pending Receipt documents with the infocard added to the following pages:

  • Purchase Order management page.
  • Receipt management page, which redirects to the Purchase Order selection for the Receipt creation page.

Better Warehouse Request Editing Experience

Now, when editing the Warehouse Request document, you will be able to view and correct information in the Post to Warehouse field.

The Post to Warehouse field can only be edited in Draft or In Revision Statuses. When the document is Approved, the Post to Warehouse field will not be available for editing.

Added New Filter Options

Working with filters becomes even more convenient with new:

  • Payment Date filter added on the Invoice management page available in the advanced set of filters where you can select the needed date range: 

The Payment Date filter will sort out the information using the Payment date field from Payments

  • The Payer filter on the Payments management page in Precoro is available in the advanced set of filters where you can select the needed people from the drop-down list. Also, note that you can add multiple Payers to the filter at once:

New Inactive Statuses for Items and Documents Custom Fields

You can quickly identify inactive Items and Documents Custom Fields by their statuses. Also, the deactivated options will always be displayed at the bottom of the filter.

These statuses are available in both fast and advanced sets of filters.

If you have deactivated the main option, all the sub-options will also obtain inactive statuses.

More information about working with Items and Documents Custom Fields you can find by following the corresponding links.

Optimizing Current Filtering Options

We are constantly improving the current features to provide you with the best experience possible. We have merged the Document # and Custom # filters in the following list of documents: Warehouse Requests, Purchase Requisitions, Requests for Proposals, Purchase Orders, Receipts, and Invoices.

The merged filter can be found in the advanced set of filters, for example, on the Purchase Requisitions management page:

Improving Working Logic for the Supplier Registration Form

Now, you can continue Approving documents with a Supplier that is still pending the Registration Form approval.

Import Custom Segments from NetSuite

This new option to import Custom Segments will help enhance your document and report customization to fit your business requirements to the fullest.

Please follow this NetSuite Custom Segments Integration comprehensive guide on how to set up and start using this functionality.

Send Pending Documents to QuickBooks

Now, you can send the documents with Pending Status to QuickBooks.

To activate this feature, please contact our Support Team, who will happily assist you on the matter.

This feature will work for the chosen integration document type: Purchase Order or Invoice. 

It will be available for users with the following Roles:

  • Create and Approve Roles for Invoices.
  • Create and Approve Roles for Purchase Orders.

When the document acquires Approved Status, the current system logic will work out, and the document will be automatically sent to QuickBooks.

Automatic Invoice with OCR as a Single Line Creation

Now, when you add a new Supplier manually, through import, or by invitation form, the Enter Invoice as one line setting will be automatically activated for them.

The Invoice will be entered in Precoro as one line with the summed up Total invoice amount. It will be matched to the first Purchase Order item if any is available for Invoice creation.
You can also match the Supplier in the Identified Supplier column on the OCR Inbox page. The system will prompt you for confirmation, and your choice will be remembered and entered automatically in future documents.

You can add a new Supplier through this field by clicking the corresponding button: