Weekly Update: April 7


Vacation Mode

Precoro launched a basic functionality for Vacation Mode.
The improvements to this feature will be available in the next releases.

How it works:

  • Go to Profile Settings —> the Vacation Mode tab;
  • Here you can turn on the switch and set dates when you are away;
  • You can also see a preview of your status;
  • Click the Update button to save changes;

When the user is set ‘as away,’ he will not get any emails about new documents.

Where the
 ‘away’ status is displayed:

  • In filters;
  • On the documents list;
  • On the document show page; 
  • On the document’s edit page;
  • In comments;
  • In the Approval Workflow;
  • On the budgets list page — for a budget holder;
  • In the users list;

Invoices: changes in the re-approval after the documents' revision

We changed the process of the documents' re-approval after the revision. This feature is available not only for Purchase Orders but also for Invoices.

Precoro will not trigger the re-approval in the following cases:

  • If there were not any changes at all;
  • Changes of Items Custom Fields if the Budget or Budget Line remains the same;
  • Changes of Items Custom Fields if the document's budget does not include any Items Custom Fields.

*We will launch this feature for all other document types in our next release.

The Active/Inactive column was removed from Suppliers and Items imports

We removed the Active* [0=Inactive 1=Active ] column from imports. This column was required for Suppliers and Item imports.

After this release, the Suppliers and Items will be imported as active by default.

Suppliers in NetSuite-integrated companies will be updated periodically

Precoro enabled the auto-update of the integrated with NetSuite Suppliers for all companies.

How it works:

Once a week - on Monday - all integrated with NetSuite suppliers will be updated. The update includes the following information:

  • Suppliers names;
  • Active / Inactive statuses of Suppliers;
  • All other integrated data;
  • If the Supplier was removed from NetSuite — Precoro would deactivate it.

The description field was added to items in all documents

The description field will be displayed in the following documents:

  • PR
  • PO
  • Receipt
  • Invoice
  • RFP
  • WR
  • Stock Transfer

This field can be edited. Even if the item was added from the Item Management;

We have also added the description to the Purchase Order and Purchase Requisition PDF/XLSX documents: