Weekly update: March 22

Precoro's API updated:

  1. Updated all of the necessary fields in Suppliers, Invoices, and Purchase Orders;
  2. Added field 'External id' to Suppliers, Product Custom field Options, Document Custom field options;
    You can use this field to add your identification to Precoro's entities.
  3. Added 'Post' requests to create Suppliers, Product Custom field options, Document Custom field options, Company Payment Terms, Payments;
  4. Added 'Patch' requests to set the 'External id' in the Purchase Orders, and Invoices;
  5. Added 'Put' requests to update the Product Custom field options and Document Custom field options.

With updated API, you can do in Precoro:

  1. Create Suppliers and map them with your accounting system against the 'External id.'
  2. Add new or updated Departments, Projects, and Charts of accounts. This function will help you keep Precoro's settings up-to-date. Please, set the 'External id' to map the options of the Departments/Projects/Chart of accounts with your accounting system.
  3. Set your Purchase Orders or Invoices as integrated with 'External id.' It could help you know what documents should be updated in your accounting system and what documents should be created.

    You are getting all of the Invoices created this month. 
    If you see an 'External id' inside the Invoice, you will know that this Invoice already exists in the accounting system. If there is no 'External id,' then it is a new Invoice, and you should create it in the accounting system.
    Then you can check the last update date of the Invoice, and if this date is later than your previous API request, you can update this Invoice in your accounting system.

  4. Create and cancel Payments and Payment Terms.

Link to Precoro's API documentation.