Users Report

Use a preset Users Report that allows you to customize your request with filters and get the necessary information on your users in Precoro in a few moments.

The preset Users Report will come in handy if you need to quickly get the user information from a single or several companies at once to export the list of all users and their accesses across all companies.

To access the report, you must have a Configurations Role.

1. Go to Reports and click the Users Report one.

2. Filter the information if needed to build a customized report. In the Company field, you can multi-select those companies from which you want to receive the users list.

3. Click Run Report, and you will get a list of information that you can Export and continue working on in the XLSX format.

The structure of the multi-companies report will be as follows:

  • All users across all the selected companies in the report filters will be displayed with their accesses listed for all the chosen companies.

If the user does not have access in the company, you will see the specification for the company that No access rights are available for that user.

  • All user accesses are grouped by company. One company has one access group, which includes Main Location, Available Locations, Available Documents Custom Fields, Roles, and whether the user is Active. Above the access group columns, you will see the company name to which this group is affiliated.