Step-by-Step Guide to Prepare for US Server Transition

Please find below a complete step-by-step guide on actions you need to complete to switch to

Feature and Documentation Link

Steps to Be Done

Who Should Perform This

How long it may take

What can happen if the task is skipped

API integration

Change the API endpoints from to and add the IP to the whitelist.

Your internal or external dev team is responsible for integration.

Up to 1 hour

Your integration will break up, and new data will not sync.

URL whitelisting 

If you have the whitelisting process, you may need to add a new URL to your list: 

IT operations or System Administrator. 

Up to 1 hour will not be launched for your users if only allowed URLs can be opened in your Network.


Please check this list and do it if applicable for your case:

1. Update the OCR email for your AP and/or procurement teams if they are sending invoices directly to the OCR email.
2. Add a new forwarding rule for your own AP or Invoice email.
3. Update the PO description in Precoro US after switching so your suppliers will see a new email.
4. Notify your suppliers about the new OCR email.

Forwarding rule - IT operations or System Administrator.
Other tasks can be done with the procurement, Finance team, or Precoro Admin.

Up to 2 hours

Nothing from the start.
We’ll handle the forwarding rules on our side for a month after switching to the US server. Then, you’ll need to make sure everything is done on your side.


1. Configure an SSO application for from scratch with a new certificate. You can find the certificate in the email.

2. Send us the metadata file and the Identity Provider Issuer data*.

*The field name can vary depending on the provider, in Azure, this field is called Azure AD Identifier, in Okta — Identity Provider Issuer, in Google SSO — Entity ID.

3. On the date, assign the new application to your Precoro users and deactivate the old application for

IT operations or System Administrator.

Up to 3 hours will only be available for your users if you register a new SSO application.

Power BI

Install a new connector right after switching to the US server.

IT operations or System Administrator or Power BI admin on your side.

Up to 2 hours

New data will be missed if a new connector is not installed.

Emails to your suppliers with new POs

Notify your suppliers about the new email for receiving your POs:, and ask them to add this email to the whitelist.

Procurement team 

Up to 3 hours

Your PO emails can be recognized as spam. You’ll have an email status tracking for every PO on, and you’ll be able to identify which one of the POs has not been delivered.

Unlike transition-sensitive features, here is a list of integrations that will work as usual and will not require any changes on your side.


How it will work


We maintained the middleware handler for these integrations. All the requests will be sent and received on and redirected to or, depending on the customer’s server.




Google reports



We added a new endpoint on Amazon for, and once you switch to the US, Amazon will change the endpoint for your profile.

What you should do next to make a smooth transition to the US server:

  • Find out the responsible teammates for all the described tasks above;
  • Communicate with them, share the documentation, set the deadline for necessary tasks, and control the completion; 
  • Communicate to your users about switching to the US server;
  • Communicate to your suppliers about switching to the US server and new email to receive Purchase Orders and send invoices if using OCR;
  • Save our support email in the hot list for your teammates;

Of course, we’ll communicate with your users and notify them about switching to the US server. But it will be helpful if you communicate with your users, too.

How it will work for your users:


Once switched to the US, your users can access and log in to If someone accidentally logs in to, the user will be automatically redirected to as an already logged-in user.

SSO login

Once switched to the US and before the SSO application is configured, the users will be automatically redirected to the as logged-in users once logged in to

Once you configure the SSO application and assign access to the users, they can log in to

Google login

Once switched to the US, the user can log in to with Google.

Emails and links in emails

An email sent before switching to the US will contain the links to, but after switching to the US, the user will be redirected to the