Switching to US-Based Server — Guide to SSO Update

This article is only relevant to those US-based clients who have decided to switch to the app.precoro.us server. Please find all the information regarding this migration here.

The SSO settings will not be transferred to the new domain (app.precoro.us) along with other account configurations.

After the migration process is completed, you have to configure the settings again for the new domain.

You can use the same SSO tenant you used for app.precoro.com. However, you will need to make the following changes so that it works on a new website:

1. Log in to your Precoro account via your email and password (not via SSO).

2. Go to the SSO Settings page and enable SSO by switching the corresponding toggle:

3. Download a certificate and upload it to your identity provider account.

4. Edit the following fields in your SSO so that they match with a new domain link:

5. Enter your Identity Provider Issuer.

6. Download the new Metadata and upload it to Step 4 in the SSO Settings tab in Precoro.

If your account contains multiple companies, you need to repeat these steps for each company.

You can find more detailed information on how to configure the SSO depending on the provider you are using in this Knowledge Base section.