US-Based Server

Precoro's services have leveled up! We've improved geographical capabilities for our American customers with the launch of our new US server, which is now fully operational.

Our infrastructure must keep pace with our customer base spreading across the globe. The new US-based server and our existing EU facility provide a dual-server system. That, in turn, will ensure a more localized and responsive service for our customers in different regions. This server will cater to our customers in the United States, Canada, and Latin America. 

What Are the Benefits of the New US Server?

Different Server, Same Quality, Increased Speed

Despite the geographical expansion, our core promise remains unchanged – to offer a unified Precoro experience across all servers. It means that no matter where our customers are, they will have access to the same comprehensive features and functionality Precoro is known for. What’s more, the application will be working faster. 

Your data is stored in your area

Accounts are hosted in the US or EU, depending on the customer's decision, and customer data is processed and stored in that location.

Your data is also protected in compliance with AICPA Trust Service Criteria — Security, Confidentiality, Availability, Privacy, and Processing Integrity — as proven by our last achievement SOC 2 Type II report.

How do I switch to

We are fully committed to ensuring a smooth transition for our existing customers. Our team is personally reaching out to each company, offering them the choice to move and guiding them through the process if they opt to do so. We gather all the clients who want to opt in, schedule the maintenance date and time, and then swiftly move them to the new, saving all your transactions and history. Note: it’s your only chance to switch to due to the technical possibilities.

What's Next

After receiving your confirmation, we will:

Please proceed to our step-by-step guide on all of the tasks that need to be performed while switching to a new Precoro US server.

And your transition is done!