How to Integrate Taxes with QuickBooks

You can integrate taxes with QuickBooks and use them in Purchase Orders, Invoices, and Payments.

Important information to consider:

1. If you map Precoro with QuickBooks taxes, they must be added to all the items in the document, which will be sent to QuickBooks. Even if there is no tax for 1 item (but all other items are with taxes), the document will not be sent to QuickBooks*.

*You can use a tax with 0 value if the item is not taxed (if you do not match it on the integration page, the tax with 0 value will be created in QuickBooks automatically).

2. If you do not map taxes on the Integration page, the tax sum will be calculated automatically in the item’s total amount.

3. If your QuickBooks business account is established as a US-based business, taxes will be calculated automatically (they will be included in the item’s total amount) whether you have mapped the taxes or not.


How to Integrate Taxes

Importing and Updating Taxes Through the Configuration Page

You can easily Import and Update Taxes through the Configuration page.

To Import Taxes from QuickBooks:

1. On the Configuration page, proceed to Step 5 and press the Import Taxes button.

2. Select the needed options by checking them.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and press the green Import button below.

You will see a system notification regarding the success of your import.

To Synchronize Taxes, press the corresponding button on the Configuration page. You will see the system notification with the successfully synchronized number of Taxes.

Please note that if identical Taxes exist in both systems, Precoro will automatically match them.

Automatical Tax Mapping

1. Create the same Taxes as in QuickBooks.

2. Set the Default Tax Agency and Match the Tax Rates.


What if you need to edit or create a new tax?

  • To prevent mistakes with integrated documents, you cannot edit taxes in Precoro if they are integrated with QuickBooks. 
  • After creating a new tax rate, you must map tax rates in Integration Settings. 

Please note: If you edit a matched tax in QuickBooks, it will not be changed in Precoro.

What if you use different taxes on products?

  • You can do it, and each item will be imported into QuickBooks with a tax set on it.