How to Work with Supplier Invoice Numbers

You can add a Supplier Invoice # to gain more control over documents in Precoro. The Supplier Invoice Number can include numbers, letters, and symbols.


Where Supplier Invoice Numbers Are Displayed

  • Invoice list 
  • Payments lists
  • Invoice document page
  • PDF documents.

How to Add and Edit a Supplier Invoice #

  • You can add a Supplier Invoice Number while creating an Invoice:

  • Or on the Invoice page when the Invoice has the Draft status:

How to Configure Supplier Invoice #

If you want to add the Supplier Invoice Number required in the Invoices, go to Configuration → Basic Settings Documents Setup → Invoices and enable the Required Supplier Invoice # field. 

You can also activate the Warn if Supplier Invoice # or Supplier Credit Note # is duplicated setting.

How to Filter Invoices in the Documents List by Supplier Invoice #

You can use both advanced and fast filter sets on the Invoice page to search for the necessary information.

To search by several numbers at once, enter them separated by commas.