Setting Up and Utilizing the Supplier Registration

In Precoro, we have built clear and efficient Supplier Registration and onboarding processes that will benefit you in terms of data accuracy as well as minimum manual and routine work thanks to the automation.

You can find a general overview of this function in this article.


Provide Necessary User Roles

To be able to utilize the Supplier Registration, users should have access to the Suppliers and Items module.

To edit a user’s role, open the Configuration and go to the User Management tab.

To save changes, press the Update button below.


All the users with the Supplier and Items role will be able to do the following:

  • See the list of invited Suppliers
  • Send a registration form to new Suppliers.

Сreate Registration templates for your Сompany’s Suppliers

With this feature, you are able to:

  • Create a custom Registration Form tailored to the types of Suppliers you work with.
  • Identify and assign the required fields and checkboxes.
  • Attach the documents you wish the Supplier to get acquainted with.
  • Request the files you want to receive from the Supplier.
  • Personalize Email templates.

Users must have the Suppliers and Items Management Role activated to access this feature.

To begin creating new template forms, open the Suppliers and Items module → Supplier Registration Settings tab → click the New Template button.

There are three main sections where you can input and select the needed information to form a template:

  • Main Information
    • Template Name – enter the Name of your template, keeping in mind that this field is required.
  • Registration Form Fields – select fields by checking the necessary ones so that they will be available in the Supplier Registration Form. Set the required fields as necessary.
  • Email Personalization – customize the Emails you are sending to the Supplier.
    • Invitation – invite a Supplier to register by filling out the created template.
    • Approval – confirm the willingness to work with a Supplier in the Precoro procurement system.
    • Rejection – in case you have decided not to proceed with further cooperation at this time.
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You can perform the following actions with the template:

  • Preview – you can see the main information without having to open a template itself.
  • Edit – you can input the necessary changes into the previously created template.
  • Disable/Enable – you can activate/deactivate a template. If a template is disabled, it will not be available for choice when sending an invite to the Supplier.
  • Delete – you can erase the previously created template.

Send an Invitation to a New Supplier

If you are already familiar with the Suppliers Portal function, the Supplier’s Registration interface should look much similar.

To send an invitation, follow these five simple steps:

1. Open the Suppliers and Items module in the left-side menu and go to the Suppliers Management tab.

2. Click on the Invite supplier to register button.

3. You can see companies that have already received invitations. Click on the New Invitation button to create a new registration form.

4. Fill in the required and optional information:

  • Supplier* — the supplier’s company name.
  • Email Address* — the recipient’s Email address.
  • First Name* — first Name of the person to whom you are addressing this invitation.
  • Last Name* — last Name of the person to whom you are addressing this invitation.
  • Registration Form* — you can instantly create a new one or select a previously added form for a specific Supplier from the drop-down list.
  • Personalize invitation (optional) — make your letter stand out within the inbox as highly relevant, tailor-made material. Personalization will also make your Email more likely to be opened and clicked on.

5. Check the entered information and press the Send button below.

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Invitation From the Supplier’s Perspective

1. The Supplier is going to receive and open an Invitation in the Email in the following format:

2. By pressing the Proceed to Registration button, the Supplier will be redirected to Precoro’s e-form.

Here, the Supplier can fill out their convenient cooperation conditions and add images, documents, XLSX, and PDF format files as attachments.

Please note that the size of the attached files cannot exceed 25 Mb.

  • Supplier’s Name — it is, by default, the name that has been input in the Invitation. Consider that it is not available for editing.  
  • Payment Terms — the Supplier can only choose the options available from the drop-down list. The number of options to select is unlimited. Find more information on how to expand your payment terms options in Precoro here.
  • Currency* — the number of options to select is unlimited, but the Supplier will only be able to choose from the options you have previously added in Precoro. This field is required.
  • Delivery Period — the number of days between the sent date to a Supplier and the delivery date itself (can be “0,” if unknown).
  • Minimum Order Total USD — can be any amount or “0” if the Supplier does not have the minimum order threshold. 
  • Contacts — the Supplier can input as many contacts as they wish. When adding a new one, they should specify the Email Address, Phone Number, and Name for the inviting company to easily get in touch with them.

Clicking the View more button, the Supplier will unfold more additional fields to input the information.

This additional section will help the inviting company receive more legal information about the Supplier.

3. The final step in the Supplier’s information submission is to check the entered data and press the Register button below.

Information on the Sent Invitations Page

On the Sent Invitations page, you can receive more information on Invitations:

  • Status — shows at what stage your communication with the Supplier is.
  • Supplier — the name of the Supplier’s company.
  • Sender — the full name and Email of the person who has sent the Invitation.
  • Email Address —the address of the Supplier to which the Invitation was sent.
  • Date — the date of sending the Invitation.

  • Action button — allows you to view the Supplier’s information and also take the following actions:

Send for revision — if you wish to receive more information from the Supplier, return them the Registration form and specify which additional data you would like to receive.

Read this paragraph to learn more.

Approve — choose this action if the Supplier’s cooperation terms correspond with your expectations, and you are willing to continue working with this specific vendor.

Read this paragraph to learn more.

Reject — in case the Supplier’s conditions do not meet your own, send them a notification that you are not willing to continue further work.

Read this paragraph to learn more.


Follow Up on the Invitation Statuses

An Invitation can have five different statuses:

1. Status Sent 

The Supplier will have this status when you have just sent them the Invitation. This status means that the Supplier has not yet processed and submitted the registration form.

2. Status Pending

This status means that the Supplier has already submitted the registration form and awaits further actions from the sender.

When the Supplier has submitted their registration, the company that sends the Invite will receive a notification. Clicking on the Go to Precoro button, you will get redirected to check the new Status of the Invitation.

Please note that the Action button is only available on the Pending status. On other Invitation stages, the Action button serves only for information preview purposes. 

Using the Action button, as was explained in this paragraph, the sender can choose the proper action.

This action will define the following Invitation status:

3. Status In revision

This status will be shown if you apply the Send for revision action. Leave a comment to the Supplier with the information they should update in the registration form.

The Supplier will automatically receive an Email with the comment you have input, including the Proceed to Revision button, which will again redirect them to the registration form for adding more information.

4. Status Approved

For the Supplier, this status means they have been chosen for further cooperation.

The approved Supplier will automatically be added to the list of regular vendors in the Suppliers Management window.


The Supplier is receiving the following message in the Email:

5. Status Rejected


If the sender sees that the terms of cooperation the Supplier has submitted are unsuitable, they can apply the Reject action.

In the rejection, you can specify the reasons why the vendor is unsuitable for you. Then, the Supplier will receive the message in the following format: