QuickBooks Locations


Enable Locations in QuickBooks

If you want to use Locations, enable this option in the QuickBooks settings:

How to Import Locations from QuickBooks

If you create or edit a location in QuickBooks, the changes will be automatically applied in Precoro:

To import Locations to Precoro manually:

1. Open the Integration page in Step 3: Import lists and settings and click the Import Departments button. You will see the list of available import options.

2. Choose the necessary options by marking them.

3. Click the Import button below.

Locations can be sent to Precoro as Document Custom Fields and utilized in the documents.

How to Deactivate Locations in Precoro

You can remove the integrated fields in the Document Custom Fields by:

  • Deleting only the unnecessary options from the Custom Fields without deactivating the whole directory.

Please note that you cannot deactivate the integrated options, you can only remove them. If you remove the Location option from Precoro it does not get removed from QuickBooks.

If needed you can easily reintegrate the removed option on the Integration page manually.

  • Deactivating the whole directory by disabling the toggle above and saving the changes. In this case, all the options inside will be deactivated as well.

To find the deactivated Document Custom Filed, use the filtering functionality: