QuickBooks Expenses

Integrating Expenses with QuickBooks is a valuable feature that can automate your accounting process. It allows you to send expense data directly to QuickBooks without any manual data entry, which is a significant time saver. All you need to do is connect your account and configure the settings. That way, your expenses will be automatically pushed to QuickBooks. This process will ensure that your financial records are always up-to-date and accurate.

To send Expenses to QuickBooks, the user should have an Expenses Role.

To integrate the Expense documents with QuickBooks, follow the steps below:

1. Open the Integration page, go to STEP 6: Integration Options, and select the Approved Invoices document type.

2. You will see additional available options below, including the Send Approved Expenses feature, which you should activate.

3. To send Expenses to QuickBooks, you need to import additional fields: Payment Accounts and Payment Methods created within your QuickBooks account. Payment Accounts are Charts of Accounts with Account Type "Credit Card" or "Cash at bank and in hand."

To do that, press the Import Payment Accounts/Methods, select the needed options, and press Import, as shown in the video below.



If the needed settings are in place, the Expense documents will be automatically sent to QuickBooks when Approved.



In QuickBooks, you will be able to find the integrated documents in the Expenses module of the Expenses transactions type:

Important to note:

  • Before importing the document, please ensure the Expense currency matches the one used in your QuickBooks company.
  • The Payment Method and Account need to be imported and integrated from QuickBooks. You can verify this setup in the Document Custom Fields.

  • After sending the document, you will see the corresponding information in the Integrations Logs.