How to Create a Purchase Requisition Export by Items

What Information You Can Find Out in Purchase Requisition Export by Items report:

  • Were POs created from PRs? 
  • Are there any PRs that have not been yet converted into POs?
  • Who approved PRs? and when?
  • How much time does it take to create a PO from a PR?
  • When will the items from the PRs be delivered?
  • What is the current status of both PRs and POs.
  • Items info: SKU, name, price, etc.

To create a Purchase Requisition Report, go to Reports, customize filters, and Export the report as an XLSX file.

You can filter the preset PR report by Item and Document Custom Fields.

Please make sure you have activated Items Custom Fields for the Purchase Requisitions to see them in the Reports filters.

Find detailed instructions on how to activate Items Custom Fields for documents here.

In Precoro, you can also create a custom Purchase Requisition Report. To read how to do this, please check this article.