Purchase Order Printing Configurations

Depending on your company’s requirements, you can customize the following information in your Purchase Order PDF and XLSX files:

  • Legal Entity’s payment details 
  • Supplier’s payment details
  • Show or hide the Authorized by and signature area. It shows your teammates who have approved the Purchase Order. If you have created the PO and automatically approved it, you will be printed in the Order as the purchaser.
  • Allow downloading the Purchase Order while approving (e.g., when the PO status is Pending)
  • Chow contacts from Requisitions either horizontally or vertically (this type of visual is available when the Purchase Order contains Requisitions)

These configurations are applied only to Purchase Orders in PDF and XLSX files.

To edit the Purchase Order Printing Configurations, go to ConfigurationsBasic SettingsDocuments SetupPurchase OrderPurchase Order Printing Configurations.