Power BI Custom Connector Integration

Power BI is a Microsoft collection of business intelligence tools, services, apps, and connectors that allow you to create visually immersive and interactive reports using a variety of data sources.

Suppose you are using Power BI to track the key company’s metrics from different systems and tools. In this case, you might be interested in our integration solution, which allows you to set up a direct data transfer from your account in Precoro to Power BI.

Our solution comes in the form of a Custom Connector.

Please note that you should have a Power BI Desktop Pro/Premium Per User license and admin rights on the machine on which Connector will be installed.

Power BI Data Connectors are little apps that connect to and access data from a specific application, service, or source.

There are two types of Data Connectors available to use in Power BI: 

  • Built-in Connector — already developed by someone and certified by Microsoft to be pre-installed in the Power BI Desktop. Any user can access it directly via the Get Data module.
  • Custom Connector — developed and added manually to the user’s Get Data module to connect to a data source not covered yet by what is shipped with the Power BI Desktop. Available only for users owning the Connector physically on their PC.

Precoro’s Connector is a custom one.

By using it, you will be able to do the following:

  • Easily connect directly to the Precoro data source via our API
  • Get your company’s data and use it to build reports
  • Set up the scheduled automatic data update.

To receive the Precoro-Power BI Custom Connector together with further installation instructions, please contact your CSM manager. Consider that this add-on is not covered by a standard license, and you will be charged an additional fee.

Data Security

  • Only you will have “read-only” access to your database via our API. 
  • You can make changes in Power BI, but they will not be reflected in Precoro.

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