Minimum Stock Level Functionality

In this article, you will learn how to set and control the minimum stock levels for inventory items.


How to Quickly Find the Low-Stock Items

On the Inventory management page, you can promptly find Warehouses that contain low-stock items:

  • A red dot next to the Warehouse name.

  • You can sort out all Warehouses that contain low-stock items with the fast preset filter on the panel above the list:

After opening the Warehouse, you will see the list of items inside with the following information on the stock level:

  • Quantity — displays the existing current item amount.
  • Reorder To — you can set this value to indicate the item amount you want to have available and indicate how many you have already placed an order for. Here, you need to enter which amount you need to Reorder To, and the red Low Stock Level status will be replaced with a yellow one indicating that you have created a Purchase Order for the item.

Please ensure the Reorder To value equals or exceeds the Minimum Stock Level to avoid stock shortages.

  • Need To Order — an automatically calculated field indicating how many items you need to order accordingly with the Reorder To value you have set.
  • Minimum Stock Levelwhen the item quantity in stock gets below the set number, a red dot will be displayed to indicate that the item needs restocking

Placing an Order for Low-Stock Items

When the item Quantity runs lower than Minimum Stock Level, you will see an Order low stock items button on the action panel that will allow you to place a new Order from the current page instantaneously.

Please note that you should first enter information in the Minimum Stock Level and Reorder To fields for the Order low stock items button to display.

Also, you can only create a quick Order if you first assign a Supplier to the item.

To place an instant order:

1. Press the Order low stock items button and select a Supplier from the list of available ones.

2. Press the plus sign on the right to select items you need to add to the Order.

You can find more information about creating and working with Purchase Orders in Precoro here.

3. Fill out the needed information in the Purchase Order. After the document has been created, the red dot next to the item will turn yellow, informing you and your colleagues about the Order placed on that item.

Select the needed information in the Post to Warehouse field when creating a Receipt document. If you choose the Not to Post option, the numbers in the Warehouse Inventory will not be updated.

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