Latest Updates: on May 30, on June 13.


Added the Mass Reject for Pending Documents Functionality

To improve efficiency and minimize manual work, we have added a new mass action to Precoro and are excited to show you the mass Reject for Pending documents functionality.

How to use it:

The function is available on the Warehouse Requests, Purchase Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Receipts, Invoices, and Expenses management pages. 

1. On the document management page, click the Approve infocard.

2. Check the documents you want to reject and press the Reject selected button.

3. You will see a confirmation window where you must leave a comment with a reason for rejection. To proceed, click Yes.

4. That is it. You will see the system progress and a flash with the number of successfully rejected documents.

If any selected documents fail to be rejected, they will not be counted as successfully rejected in the flash and will remain in the Pending status. They will have to be processed manually one by one, having fulfilled the validation conditions (for example, filling in required fields or canceling dependent documents, etc.).

Additionally, you will see the necessary actions listed in the document itself, when you hover over the Reject button.

Also, the document creator will receive the informational notification to the email in the following format:

Merging Tolerate Rate into Tolerate Limit

We have improved the Tolerance Rate and Limit working process by merging these functionalities and making them easier to apply and use. You can now set Tolerance Limits in Basic settings for all your Suppliers at once instead of assigning limits individually.

However, you can still assign the Tolerance Limits individually in the Supplier’s profile if your process requires it.

The Tolerance Rate was renamed to Tolerance Limit in the Supplier’s profile.

For the TL to start affecting matching rules as well you need to enable the Apply the Limit Rules to Matching checkbox in the Configuration Basic SettingsApproval.

With that setting activated, the set Tolerance Limit will affect both re-approval after the document revision and matching.

The process for setting up Conditions remains unchanged, but remember that with the new settings enabled, the set conditions will also determine the matching triggering.

The individual Tolerance Limit settings in the Supplier’s profile will have higher priority and will be applied over the Tolerance Limit in the Basic Settings.

So, if the Net Total of the document exceeds the set TL level in Basic Settings, it will both undergo the matching and the re-approval:

Added Currency Change for Custom Invoices and Purchase Orders

In previous releases, we added the ability to change currency in Purchase Orders and Invoices. Now, you can also change the currency for the Purchase Order and Invoice Custom Form Types.

This new feature will come in handy for those who are using the Custom Forms functionality.

The logic for changing the currency remains the same as for the corresponding standard documents.

Added the Document Initiator Filter to the Approval

We have added a new multi-select Document Initiator filtering option to the Approval Workflow. This filter will be helpful only for those who are using the Direct Manager Approval functionality.

In the filter, you can find listed both Creators and Approvers. This filter shows all Approvers on all the steps who approve documents from the users selected in the filter.

Added the Ability to Resend Invites for Suppliers to the Portal

Now, you can resubmit an invitation to the Supplier Portal without having to create a new one. To do that:

1. In Supplier Management, click on Invitation to the Supplier Portal.

2.  On the Sent Invitations page, you can see the new Action column with a Resend button that makes it possible to resubmit the letter.

The Resend button is only available when the Supplier has not yet registered by setting a password in Precoro.

Renamed and Changed the Display of the Overdue Infocard

We have changed the name of the Overdue infocard to Delivery Overdue and changed this card display to yellow instead of red. The change applies on the Receipts and Purchase Order management pages as well as on the Receipt creation page and Dashboard.

The logic of operation and use have not changed and remain the same.

OCR Improvements

We have added several improvements that will make your work with the OCR feature even more convenient:

Added Quick Access to the Upload Through Email Functionality

On the AP Inbox page, you can find a new Upload Through Email button at the top. When clicked, the button provides you with general use information and the Email address you can copy and use to send your documents. In turn, Precoro will automatically scan and upload them as Drafts to the AP Inbox page so that you can conveniently continue working on them.

More information about the ways to upload files for OCR recognition can be found in this article.

Expanding the List of Purchase Order Document Types for Autocreation

Now, if you have only one active document for this Supplier, Precoro will automatically create an Invoice based on the document type. This functionality will work for the following:

  • Standard Purchase Order.

  • Blanket Purchase Order Per Total.

  • Blanket Purchase Order Per Item.

  • Service Order.

Please note If the PO number matches both the standard PO and the Blanket one, the Invoice will be created and recorded in the standard one.

Default Tax Recorded for Blanket PO

Now, the default Tax you have set for the Supplier will also be recorded in the OCR-recognized Blanket PO per Item and Total type of document as well: